Monday, 8 August 2011

Our Village - it's a Dog Poo Area

Well every month we have a great village magazine posted through our doors, it is always very informative on village goings on and I have had a few mentions and added a few bits which is always a great feeling.  The editor is now looking for more input from villagers which he may find a few more coming his way from me! 

However the fairly new addition of "Letters Page" has bought with it a flurry of to's and fro's regarding the amount of Dog Poo in the Village it does seem to be a subject close to many in urban or rural areas.

Now I have to say that whilst everyone of course in entitled to have their point of view.  Some of the views are either a bit close to the mark, a rant or in some cases well thought out.  Yes I do have a dog well one and a half as now our new family addition of 10 weeks Basil the Border Terrier has arrived! and so I like to think I have a very good ethos of picking their business up.  I am also paranoid about them getting out and if they seem to make a nuisance of themselves - not only would I be totally embarrassed I do not want to be known as the or that lady who can't control her dogs or her kids.

Ok I have to put my hand up twice Poppy the BT has followed me out of the house unbeknown to me and it's not until about 30 mins later I have asked "has anyone seen Poppydog?" as I frantically turn the house upside down that I hear a single bark at the front door and there she is patiently waiting for me.  I would just die if someone saw her and whipped her away as she was is my first baby.  Yes I do have 2 cats and have had 6 in total but the 2 I have now - one is completely in charge of us all and the other one is a neurotic torty - if you have one - you know what I am talking about.

But back to the Dog Poo! there are two types of people in the world those that care and those that don't and those that don't will never change and maybe I do agree with the person who wrote in our magazine that they shouldn't be allowed to keep dogs but how do you make them pick up ? I welcome all suggestions and then I can write a constructive article for my Village magazine.

Saturday, 9 July 2011

More Festival Too - Murder of the Dance Floor

Last Night I managed to get the little darlings off to sleep on time, they had had a busy week and so this was not too hard to do, also having Godparents to help made things a Godsend literally! There was no crying or whining or moaning.  Sometimes it's just nice to have 3 pairs of extra hands!

So once all was quite I left DH in charge and playing Tanks with Godfather, whilst I returned to the metropolis of King's Lynn to find Murder on the dance floor taking place!  Yes our little town had a visit from Sofie Ellis Bextor! She was very good and even my young friends which included Godmother & 'A' whom I dragged along enjoyed her too.

I tried to take a few snaps of her and managed to get near to the stage, but she didn't seem to smile very often and so I think most of those I took were not very flattering photos, these were the best of the bunch!

Tonight hopefully I return to see The Hoosiers and The Feeling - apparently there will be a good looking Bass player so have got to go and check him out!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What a musical week it is turning out to be!

As you will see in the post below We saw Lady GaGa Tribute at Kings Lynn Festival Too a totally free event laid on by a group of local businesses in Kings Lynn.  This Friday there will be Sinead and the Dawnbreakers followed by Sofie Ellis Bexter.  Then on Saturday is the Winner from the Battle of the Bands - Jesse's Ghost followed by Parade, Wonderland, The Hoosiers and the Feeling.  Not sure how much I will be able to see as maybe too late to find babysitters as the Lady GaGa Tribute for DS and DD might have been enough for them. 

Anyhow, back to my musical week and last night I attended a most wonderful concert at my Parish Church Walpole St Peter, in aid of the Roof Restoration Fund where the Virginia Children's Choir together with the Kings Lynn Cantabile Youth Choir performed a wonderful programme of world, spiritual, popular and classical music.

It was applauded with a standing ovation and an encore of a much favourite of the choir - "The Storm is Passing Over" by Charles Albert Tindley and arranged by Baker.

Having the concert actually in the Church meant that we were able to appreciate the wonderful acoustics for which the Church was able to offer.  There was a good turn out from within the Village and the surrounding areas and everyone was made to feel very welcome

The only niggle bear I had to make was why didn't the mums touring with the choir keep their cameras on silent as the beautiful music was populated with very loud camera clicks when pictures where taken in the most quiet of places in the pieces - they should know when these would occur surely!

sub note - I am apologising for lack of photographic detail in the last few posts as my laptop died 2 weeks ago and having just received a new hard drive I am using a fairly old one which I do not want to overload with pictures and stuff that will make it go very slow! So please bear with me and I hope to resume normal posts soon.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

So Lady GaGa Played Tonight!

We do love Lady GaGa in our family.  My DH loves the videos for some strange reason, my DD loves the tunes and just dances around.  I love Lady GaGa as well and my DS well he for some reason has this need to hear Lady GaGa all the time especially when we get in the car well before we are in the car - "Lady GaGa Mum - play Romarma Romarma" [poker face]

Nanny was particularly shocked when asked Grandson and Granddaughter "what would you like to do on my computer darlings - Cbeebies, Disney?" the look on her face "No silly Nanny Lady GaGa of course"!!!!! 

Although a little shocked Nanny is pretty cool and did comply.

But enough is enough and last week Lady GaGa had a sore throat and was in bed nursing it better.  You see my point - How many times can you listen to the same song over and over and over and over and over and ..... in the same day, on the same car journey.

So Lady GaGa is in bed with her sore throat and is unable to sing.

"Mummy is Lady GaGa in bed?"
"because she isn't very well"
"So is that why she is not playing"
"Yes" OMG it's working!
"What type of bed is she in"
"What type do you think she is in"
"A Blue One no Pink one"

A week later and "Is Lady GaGa feeling better now Mummy?"
"umm yes her throat is getting better" so Lady GaGa has resumed so much so that she has arrived in our nearest town! So with a little bit of guilt I took them to see her show, little did they know it was the Lady GaGa Tribute.

And much to the delight of DS and DD they had a little dance sat on shoulders to look at the view and unquietly said "Mummy why is Lady GaGa naked!!!" they had a lovely time on a warm July evening. And now they are safely tucked up in bed dreaming of Romarma Romarma.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Budgeting your way out of debt

Families might find themselves in debt for all sorts of reasons - especially when there's a new addition to the family! While it is a very good idea to have savings ready to cope with unexpected costs, some people may still need to borrow to meet them.

Some debts aren't a problem, but if a substantial part of your net income is going on debt, you may well have an issue. A bit of clever budgeting could - in time - set you (debt) free. Budgeting is also a good way to avoid getting into debt in the first place.

Work out your priorities

In terms of debt, any secured debt (against your property) is your biggest priority - a mortgage, or any loan secured against your home.

Any unsecured debt is less important than your priority debt - things like a credit card, unsecured loan or store card. That doesn't mean you should ignore these debts, but it does mean it's more important to make sure you're covering your secured debts.

Fuel bills, Council Tax, water rates, travel-to-work costs (including the running and upkeep of a car and car insurance) are also very important.

Finally insurance policies such as life insurance, contents insurance, those that would protect you if you lost your job, etc. are very important - but it's always a good idea to check you are getting the best deal for your premium, because you might be able to save money.

Once you have worked out what you have to pay every month, look out for any warning signs - if your costs are almost as big as your income, for example. In that case, you could benefit from some financial advice.

Begin budgeting

If you're not so confident in your budgeting skills - or simply don't have the time - but would still like the peace of mind you get when you know your bills are covered, a good solution could be a budgeting bank account. A 'jam jar' account can put your bill money into a safe place where you can't accidentally spend it.

This can help ensure the essentials are taken care of and give you a clearer idea of how much money you really have available to spend.

Or you could do a budget plan yourself, possibly using online budget planners like the one you'll find here. People generally work them out in monthly amounts - but don't forget the impact of quarterly bills, annual bills and annual expenses such as birthdays and holidays. Convert these to monthly amounts to make sure you're setting enough aside for them.

When there's a new addition to the family, there's a lot of expense to consider and you may feel under pressure to buy everything to suit the lifestyle you want your little one to have. Ultimately, the amount of money you really have available to spend should be your guide, not what you would like to have.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Needing Tax Advice for your Blog Post?

I hope my live post from Saturday's CyberLab session at Cybermummy below has not confused you too much.  I am now pleased to announce that you can now go and get the full story from Knees up Mother Brown aka Dawnie Brown who has now posted a full post detailing all her notes.  Thanks Dawnie this is a very clear and succint advice that I have received to date on Tax.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Cybermummy11 - live blog update - Keeping Your Blog Legal

Well I'm here at Cybermummy11 and the buzz is just fantastic Mummies everywhere and a few Daddies too!

I am updating post just to make sure it now makes sense and the spelling is all correct.
So am sitting in the Keeping your Blog Legal Session here goes: ........
Do you accept freebies, do reviews or write about people?
Are you unsure about libel and copyright? Does HRMC know about your blogging swag?
These are blogging issues you can't afford to ignore.

Don't be too concerned you are ok!

Top Ten Tips

1) Be Nice (engage filter) - think about what you are saying about individuals and brands - if a bit unsure - place in draft box. so if something that damages reputation.  eeek remember twitter and lawyers can find you so THINK! although the USA has free speech the UK is not there yet.

2) Don't Steal [attribution isn't enough] - Don't take content, Don't take pictures/photos off other sites.  Take your own photos!   Legislation is there to protect you You have a monopoly right over anything you have written. If your content is taken contact them maybe kindly ask them to link to your Blog, Website. and ask them  report to google, the ISP.

3) Obey the rules - [and know that there will be some] Contract Law - you have more than likely signed contracts, terms and conditions for sites like twitter, facebook, etc

4) Free speech and free beer Competitions is a form of gambling if you asking for payment to enter YOUR competition IT IS GAMBLING and classed as an ILLEGAL LOTTERY.  Pulling names out of a hat is ok though.

5) Look after your friends - [and those that aren't. you're responsible for them] -  People talk, if you are going to Branded events - maybe confidential work you are responsible for the comments on your blog.  You are the Editor of your blog, you can either edit comments or block them or take the comments down.

6) BE YOU - [it suits you]  being someone else can cause problems.  don't be beaten down by the brand.  Office of unfair trading if you are asked to do a review I will say it is a review.  Information is on Britmums and blogging with integrity.

7) Tell the ,the whole truth , and nothing but the truth - [unless you're writing fiction] - you do not have to have a disclaimer, but readers and bloggers, brands need to have an understanding of this.  If you have a problem to the review, it is good etiquette to make your PR sponsor away of what you are going to write. but if they ask you to take it down - you do not have to take it down.  As long as it's true.  If negative feedback left about the review or brand you should leave it on so that people can see it is real. 

Remember this is not your diary it is available for the whole wide world to see

8) remember you are publishing not journalling.

9) Don't be bullied to take down content [or if your don't have anything nice to say, run it past them first! - self explanatory!

10) You're dealing with people who know what contracts are. You should too.

Catch up more with Gayle, as she is a blogger and solicitor specialising in internet law at Wragge & Co LLP. @bumblings


Dawn Brown

Dawn was very informative and had lots of advice to give - I think I caught most of it!

Basically she explained that. If you are getting a payment from your blog - it is taxable - you have to decide if it is a hobby or a business. if looking at it as a profit - should declare as self assessment - as a sole trader.
You will need to register as self employed and fill in your self-assessment form which is linked to the amount tax you will have to pay if you earn over a certain amount. 

Remember your tax credits maybe affected.
If you are reviewing items for reviews - you are technically receiving a gift - if you are not selling them on.

Income - remember to deduct your fees -these could include your domain reg, hosting fees, attending cybermummy!, broadband costs, hardware - laptops.

For more information contact

Both talks were very informative and both will be blogging on their posts for more information. I recommend going to their sites to get more information as I am only liable for what I write!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

So yes I am a Cybermummy Virgin

and proud to say so and nervous, and excited, and apprehensive, and ooooo so many feelings!  Even though this is my second attempt of getting to Cybermummy this year.  As posted earlier I got my dates muddled up and nearly arrived at The Brewery two weeks early! It is my first time.
So I have decided to post a few of my thoughts before I leave, as I am also going to try and do a live blog on the day for the Cyber-Lab - "making your blog legal".  So please come back and read all about it as Cybermummy is in full swing.

I had to make the decision to either go with my head or one of my passions *photography* and whilst the whole day I will be lapping up the atmosphere, I thought I would also like to get a little bit of advice too.

My To Do list is growing thanks to the 12 things you need to bring to Cybermummy in last weeks newsletter on The BritMums Blog.

I've been ummm and rrrr'ing over business cards - and I loved the Moo Cards and would love to get some - but I am going to try something a little different.  I still haven't decided what yet but my creative streak usually appears under pressure and when you meet me - you will not forget you met Mummyrella! 

I am also making sure that I make time to pamper myself and have booked a mini pedicure thanks to Joanne at Canoe.

And I'm so looking forward meeting you all and trying to catch up with Metal Mummy, Motivating Mum Uk, Mymumdom, Sticky Fingers, HelloitsGemma's blog, to name but a few. 

I will also reflect on those of you that are unable to attend, and look forward to giving you a snippet of what went on the day.

Friday, 10 June 2011

What a Silly Billy I am - or What the Earlist Cybermummy11 delegate I was!

Part of the title follows the last update on my Facebook account - What a Silly Billy I am "What a Stupid Mare I am" should be the Title or "I am SO F'ING EMBARRASSED" should be the title really.

Last night Thursday I was very pleased with myself for once I was almost packed, last things to do were to print off My Ticket and my Hotel Ticket - where am I going you ask me?  Well Cybermummy11 of course. 

So first things first updated my facebook page to let the WHOLE WORLD know I am ready, when my dear friend [whom I'm to meet for the first time at Cybermummy11] points out "Your organised - its not for another TWO WEEKS!!!!!!"

OMG what the "F'ing" embarrassed am I?

What's wrong with me - I'm usually so organised but not this bloody organised. I announced it to the world via Facebook and feeling rather expossed.

Now I have a bit of a fretful sleep thinking got to get up early to try and cancel hotel bookings - much better to do in the morning as have until Noon to cancel - but Wait I have a Job interview at 11 am, yes no problem this can be achieved by 11.  2 hours later still trying to cancel online, the kids have 10 mins to get ready for nursery, I'm still not dressed and I start to break out into a sweat.

I ring the grandparents to tell them my predicament and to ask if we still come but are they able to have the kids in two weeks as well. My mother is very calming and just laughs down the phone, but starts to also help by looking online for numbers and my Dad gives his advice and help across the room too.

I then put a call out to Facebook for Help resorts in my bestest Cybermummy 11 friend coming to the rescue and finding the TRAVELODGE phone number - panic mode set in and can't concentrate.  Disaster again phone line won't work, Website won't except my passed - CRAP what next?

The last resort .... Drive the 10 mins "luckily" to my nearest Travelodge - when spurred by losing money we do MAD things!  So I get to nearest Travelodge after dropping kids off at Nursery - Poppydog is also in car too as have taken so long trying to log on to TRAVELODGE website that her walk will have to be done when and if this gets sorted!!!!

Sue at TRAVELODGE was very helpful although she was unable to cancel my booking she calmly dialled the Travelodge number and passed me the phone - after 10 mins of hanging on to listen to crackly music I got through "Cancel your booking? why certainly yes that 's all done for you - anything else I can help you with today"  - Um no other than I feel so small and embarrassed - I'm sure I will laugh about this in two weeks time - or will I be known forever as the most earliest arriving delegate to Cybermummy for ever.

So we are still travelling down to London for the weekend and having a nice few days with Nanna & Grandpa altogether double bonus!

The interview I got to - but decided it was not for me but hey that's another post.

*This is not a sponsored post*

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Every Day a Child is Born to help us on our Journey

Children bring so much innocence to life, their thoughts, their imagination, their actions and their dreams.

And so I wanted to share their thoughts and dreams in a few photos that I have taken recently.

This was the morning after the first night DS had ever been sick with us.  He had woken up terrified at midnight and asked to go to Grandpa's bed [where Grandpa sleeps when visiting] and cuddle wiv mummy and poppydog, I awoke in the morning to find two happy snuggly sleeping beauties.

This is a picture in front of St Albans Abby [you can just see it poking through the trees] a place of fond memories for me, we met a dear friend and his family for lunch, whom I hadn't seen for 19 years - I feel bloody old! as it could have been yesterday.
I particularly like the clouds - took this and another below for my Mum she like me appreciates clouds.

One afternoon after Nursery School ...... they were watching cbeebies and I came back to no talking just steady deep and peaceful breathing and dreaming.

At our Lady's Chapel during our 50th Flower Festival. 
Daughter had got the blue monkey from the Bric-a-brac stall, he was carried around for 24 hours and then abandoned I worry about her attachment trying to not make an issue of it but something to keep an eye on.
Of course Poppydog comes to Church too.

The most beautiful flower arrangements we have ever seen everyone loved the flamingo.

"Look Mummy here is my flying bird" - amazing creativity.

My Final Photo - for my Mum

It was taken with my mobile from the field at the back of our house.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

When I was at work I seemed to have more time!!!

Since April I have found myself to be a statistic as well as having the new title of "Job Seeker" my time seems to be less structured however much more busier then ever How I ask myself?

What has happened to the days I was going to have playing with the kids all day, running in fields of grass, flowers and long walks with Poppydog???

and then I have just visited the National Statistics website and read the following:
"The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (the claimant count) increased by 12,400 between March and April 2011 to reach 1.47 million. The number of women claimants increased by 9,300 to reach 474,400, the highest figure since October 1996. "
I know this is a bit out of context but it is still a very high figure and for me it's not been an easy journey. 

Yes I have always wanted to be a mum; and my children I would not trade for the world. However I have worked for over 16 years and like everything in life - it's not until it's gone that you realise how much you either enjoyed, loved, loathed or despised it. 

For me work was a place I could meet liked minded people, enjoy the challenge, the pride, the fulfillment of helping others.  I would get a buzz when things were busy and demanding, and now I find myself staying up later, getting up later and plodding on no buzz, just the same feeling every day and asking myself what did I do today again?

Some of you may say - well get applying for jobs then, get off your bottom! and my answer to you would be I AM! I wouldn't have believed it if someone else had told me that I would be filling out applications one of two, three, four a day, either on-line or handwritten. I nearly had forgotten how to write! What to leave out, what to add, changing references, experiences, relevant information for different positions.

Another thing - Agencies seem to have well changed since the last time I used them in 1993! In 1993 I walked into a Temp Agency and the following week I had a job which led to 9 years with an organisation.  I have now been signed up with 3 Agencies since mid April and I have had one interview, for which I was "over qualified"  and it is not from trying - I pester them at least once, twice a week - yes I should be doing everyday!

I have also learnt from Agencies that my typing skills are in the top quartile of 66 words per minute with 99% accuracy - does this mean I am over qualified for Temping Jobs as well!!!  

I am hoping that going to Cybermummy 11 this Friday will give me some inspiration in taking this blog page further, looking into being my own boss maybe - and telling myself that I just need to take that leap of faith.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Its 6:45am on a Sunday Morning

Whilst I have been a parent now for nearly 2 years [and I am enjoying it immensely and wouldn't want it any other way] sometimes I just need that lie in on a Sunday morning.  Some may say its my own fault for getting them so much into a routine, others may say wow you get them to sleep for 11 - 12 hours a night! So why not just get yourself to bed earlier and be able to wake up nice and chirpily like your children.

And my answers would be
1. I am an Adult I don't want to go to bed at 8:30
2. I want to enjoy conversing with my DH even though we watch telly mostly.
3. I would like to catch up with friends, family
4. I would like to have some chocolate in peace
5. I'd like to watch a programme or two that I want to watch without having to unconsciously end up singing a nursery rhyme or light-hearted theme tune.

1. why don't children need any more "extra hours" in bed occasionally?
2. why do children wake up so nosily in the mornings?
3. why do children both decide they need to do a Poo before 7am?
4. why do children have to ask so many questions which should so grown up before 7am?
5. why do children have so much energy that their make belief games are just once constantly long very long sentence that never never seems to end or get to the point, but continues into a completely different made up game?

I do not believe that there will be answers on a postcard for this one, but just wonderful memories to cherish for when I say.

"Why aren't my children like they were when they 4 and 3 years old".

Thank you for reading this very early written post on a Sunday Morning.


DD - not quite asleep!

Friday, 13 May 2011

What do you do if you can not find a loo....

In an English Country Garden!

I think I remember the next line going something like this

"Pull down your pants and water the Ants in an English Country Garden"

Apologies there for my more serious readers - but that's what it has been like today on the mission of Toilet Training for Darling Son, he was so carried away playing with his Girlfriend in the garden that daughter came and told me D has wee'd under the table whilst playing with G!

So it's not too big a deal we get cleaned up and DS happily goes in search on clean pants and clean trousers - ooohhh how he is growing up so fast.

Earlier today we were in the car and discussing what we would like to have in our lunch and I said "who wants Cumer Cumer?" [code name for cucumber] and DS loudly pointed out that " it is not Cumer Cumer mummy but is called Cucumcumber!" I must spend a few moments noting these little quirks down so that I can relive these moments again and again.

Some may think I'm having a get at DS today as he fell asleep at the Dinner table tonight and I filmed him thinking it would be a great moment for You've been framed things instead it seemed more like a cruel mummy thing as all he wanted was a cuggle. So I put down the camera gave him a cuggle and put him to bed an hour early fingers crossed that this does not mean an hour earlier start tomorrow - especially as it is Saturday! on that note and looking at the time I think I'd better skidaddle and get myself up the wooden hill.

Sunday, 24 April 2011

It was the Onion Peel

So I got so fecking fed up looking at that piece of onion skin floating gently around the kitchen. Each time I looked down at it, it would be in a new position in the kitchen gently edging it's way to an easily escape route, and then it dawned on me and kicked my ass into gear and shouted "WAKE UP GIRL", you really really need to clean your kitchen floor and the rest of your house and by the way Get Yourself back into the ZONE - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!!. 

It’s been three weeks now since I said farewell to my Regional Economic Agency and out of those three weeks over one week was spent celebrating little peoples Birthdays which was fun.  Well turning 4 and 3 respectively was or should I say more like “14 and 13” as it sometimes feels like the teenage years have already arrived. 

Then there was another week sorting out and visiting the JobCentre Plus – a whole new blog post could be made on that one! 

And A very wonderful day of finalising our Adoption with a ceremony at the local Court House followed by the rest of the day at the Seaside with the family and also recovering from being incapacitated with the stomach bug which is apparently doing the rounds but in a weird kind of good way only got to me.  

But this bug has just left me feeling so low which for me actually meant nearly four days spent in bed, sleeping to get over it, but I don’t think it was just the bug it was the finality of everything that had been building up for the past three and half years, you can read here more on our journey to becoming a family.

Kind people and family keep telling me how what a wonderful thing that we have done in adopting two children whom not only are siblings but that were both under two and half when they came to us and who had never lived together or met each other properly to seal a bond.  But to me it’s just where my destiny was to take me, as I continue on my path I am sure friends, acquaintances, opportunities, challenges are all put in front of me for a reason and whilst it’s up to me to make the choice, my choices are already chosen for me.

So now a new journey is starting out and challenges begin, watching on BBC the other week on iplayer A Home for Maisie – the story of a little girl who between the ages of 4 and 8 had had 10 different homes, two of which were to be her new adoptive families which failed, whilst this maybe an extreme it still brought real thoughts of concern to me on how my children will develop emotionally as only moving from 3 and 2 homes respectively they have still been effected by trauma.

And Last Night what also started to kick my ass into gear not only the onion peel but a very eventful Saturday Night that wasn't as what was expected! but it got me out of the house for a few hours - three to be precise the quickest drink with a straw you ever did see and a drive home via A&E - all home safe and well by 11pm! and a fairly good night sleep too, although woke up to Easter Sunday with son in bed and Husband in spare room not sure when that occurred but I seemed to have regained my strength and va va va voooooom so off we go - have a good week all there is light at the end of tunnel.

I dedicate this post to my Great Uncle Ron - the last of 7 brothers he has now peacefully joined them and his sister my Nan to be one happy family once again with his Mum & Dad R.I.P. Uncle Ron - i'll never forget your laugh and your smile which makes me smile too. Mummyrella xx 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I will update but not tonight ....

Just to say I am still here but have been a bit busy - seeing all my subscribed to posts being updated DAILY and think OMG i must get down to mine as I have sooo much I want to say, kiddiewinks growing fast one birthday gone another to follow next week - coping with both being 3 for 10 days!!!!! eeeekkkk! village party getting going, adoption being finalised - we have the BIRTH CERTS now! and oh my give me a couple of days and I'll come back and update you properly - you never know I may have news on the job front tooo! happy reading and dont forget if you want a bit of light reading  pop over to my dog's blog page yes poppydog now writes too at my fingers are tired so hopping off now. God Bless to you all Mummyrella xx

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Gallery - Education

I'm really gutted with myself as I really wanted to do last weeks The Gallery Topic Trees - which I still did but did not get to linky it up - so if you want a blast you can read it further down the page.

This weeks Gallery Topic is all about Education, and I WILL make it this time! Whilst I had the standard Education there were times on reflection where I find myself being able to delve into slightly different methods, institutions and ways of being educated.

My first picture is of me at Sunday School for which as a young child I found great enjoyment, listening to stories, singing, doing craft and acting out passages from the Bible.  More often than not I found myself playing the part of Jesus, as, as a grew up I seemed to be taller than all the others for which made for a good representation. 

Who remembers those old uncomfortable chairs?
Eventually at the age of 17 or 18 I went on to teach Sunday School to the pre school age children and we all seemed to have a good time discussing what they got up to at the weekend as well as doing my favourite story about the Fishes and the Loaves - I always brought in the white chocolate Fish n Chips for us to munch on - chips not really loaves of bread but you can see where I was going - honestly!

Now as I am reaching my 4th decade, I decided to take a short course on the Introduction to Counselling, whilst this was a way for me to start to understand why people are the way they are - this post has also brought some interest from other sites and if you too are intersted in Sunday School as well, you may also enjoy pursuing a career in Christian Counselling so if you are why not go to:
[this now is a sponsored link]

My next two pictures are from the time when I decided to study Land Surveying and Cartography [the art of making maps].  This I had a great time doing and even got paid to do through the 'YTS' scheme.  I was happy - had money in my pocket for essentials and bus fare, and my parents were happy - I hope too.

Not sure if you can see but in the first of the two photos below we were all studiously carrying out complicated mathematically equations regarding our levelling or our surveying points with our calculators - yes we got to use those other buttons not sure if I could remember what they all mean and do now.  I did seemed to find my later education life surrounded in a male dominated world as I went onto study mineral surveying.

Maths can be funny sometimes.

and lastly the final picture is of a great teacher MR COLE, he had many many years experience of  Land Surveying - he always had a smile and you usually found him outside walking up and down the college grounds with a cigarette in his hands, but he was always so helpful and kind and made you laugh and we are sure he did realise how much he looked like Fred Flintstone!


Sunday, 20 March 2011

Trees - I do so love them


I hate being late for anything, and this week I just so wanted to add to the Gallery topic as it was Trees as I do like taking pictures of Trees, so if it’s alright with you I’m still going to post it on my post and hopefully next time I will get my butt into gear and meet the deadline!

We have some wonderful trees in our Village, I don’t like to admit to it but I am unable to name them [mental note to oneself - will add this to my TODO list]. 

When I look at Trees they make me feel at peace with the Village, the earth and help me find my own stillness.  They enable me to take a breath and refocus my internal clock, a kind of reloading point again.

I do have pictures of the trees at different seasons, different times in the day and from different locations. but these are mostly of Winter.

If you want to see more click on the links below and if you like taking pics why not join in - but make sure you get there on time!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

We are now Forever Mummy and Daddy – At Bloody Last!

1253 days or 3 years 5 months and 6 days ago apart from it being the day of my 36th Birthday it was also the day I made a call that would change my life forever.  It was a call to our local authority expressing the great wish that my husband and I wanted to adopt.  To us it didn’t matter whether it was one, two or three children, Girls, Boys mixed or otherwise.  We just wanted to be able to give someone a better chance of a happy, sociable, caring, loving and inclusive life.

And as of Tuesday just gone we are now officially a family of FOUR [plus 3 pets!].  Although our beautiful Daughter and Son have been with us for 708 days or 1 year, 11 months and 9 days, the Judge was able to decree the Adoption Order and life for Mummyrella can now at last MOVE FORWARD.

A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I do feel more secure and complete, although this completeness has been with me since D&S arrived all that time ago, it is a final completeness one of silence and no second doubting and worrying about how things could possibly change.

Of course I will not be going into all the ins and outs of why D&S arrived at a time in their little lives to us.  But it does leave me reflecting with thoughts to Birth Mothers around the world and to send a little prayer to help them be strong in order to cope with their own situations.

And in this time of reflection I can think back to how the journey has been, but more importantly how it will be – we are heading into uncharted waters like every family, new adventures, new beginnings and new lessons to learn.  At the end of the day we all only have one life here – there may well be other lives on different plains, but lets us all make the most of what we have and be thankful for our beautiful children however they come to us.

I have just found that it is National Family Week soon 30th May - 5th June 2011  Go on have some fun!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Optimism, Change and New Life

It’s been a while and lots have gone on within Village life and I realise that it is the month of March already and time to review my listograph and make 10 new ones for the next 25 days.
The listograph was an idea generated by I need curtains for the window in my head

So to start - The review

1) Delivered and viewed my entries to the photo exhibition put on by TIN this will cover No8 in the list as well].

2) My Voluntary Redundancy application was accepted.

3) Met with the Walpole St Peter’s Fundraisers to generate ideas to raise £100,000 for our church roof fund.

4) Made Poppy dog her doggy Birthday Cake which she and my children seemed to enjoy immensely on her birthday “Valentine’s Day”.

5) Well I exchanged Christmas Prezzies with my Cousins but “busy mummy Cousins” left theirs for us on the kitchen table! – yes Allison & Helen I have mentioned you!!!!

6) Cannot help but continue to eat sweet things of an evening.

7) I am looking forward to starting my new business venture.

9) Still sorting out my business cards ready for cybermummy11,

10) Have started on the organising of my Village Party to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding Day.

So it only leads me to make my new list of 10 things for the merry month of March.

1) Chair my first Village meeting of the Village Party for the Royal Wedding Celebrations.
2) Venture out with a Wildlife Photographer on the North Norfolk Coast for the day.
3) Devil Cat is in need of her booster – [for more info on the Devil Cat follow @valentineslady aka Poppydog on her twitter page or on her own blog page Poppydogtails].
4) Read a page a day in my new book Daily Guidance from your Angels by Doreen Virtue.
5) Listen to my new self assertiveness words Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna – it is working!
6) Work with my Life Coach in taking forward my objectives, goals, aims, wishes and in helping him and supporting him in his objectives, goals aims and wishes.
7) Continue the development of my business idea – which I will tell you more about as it develops [a little clue maybe to keep you hooked!]
8) Find a new mode of transport.
9) Sort out new Nursery days for the kids
10)     On the very last day of March [31st] I will celebrate my last day of work as I will be become a number of the uncounted who took Voluntary Redundancy because of this new Government.

It looks like a month of optimism, change and new life – wish me well.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This Review is NOT sponsored by AMAZON!

Well I ordered two books from Amazon on Sunday just gone and they arrived today - WOW! quick service, I thought as it was Super Saver and I was expecting them later in the week. 

Excitement got to me - its funny how any parcel brings a sparkle to ones eyes.  However when I came to open them up one was incomplete - BOO! I said looking again and again through all the packaging just to see if I hadn't missed it! to no avail.

So it was onto the laptop and to search through to find the Customer Services phone number, as I like to do voice to voice complaints, followed up by emails as I find this way more productive. 

Well the customer services part of the web page was excellent and although I had to select a number of choices in regards to my situation, when I pressed the button for them to call me my phone instantly rang and another amazing WOW! departed my lips.

I can say at this moment in time the problem has been solved a replacement book with CD are on their way to me as I now write this, but I'm thinking to myself, do I really now need that book & CD [believe it or not its the Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna!]

Monday, 14 February 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

7 lines for 7 days

Life goes on and whenever I visit different places,
It’s always nice to come home.
Lots of things whizzing around my head,
Decisions to be taken, plans to be made,
Life to live and new friends have been found,
Long lost friends to visit, family to love.
How I love to relive and feel alive once again.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Poppydog cake


I know I have just posted but I just remembered one of my comments this week being from mymumdom who asked what recipe I was planning to do for Poppydog's Birthday - she will be 5 on Valentines day! 

It was a recipe that a good friend gave to me, so here goes my first recipe post

Birthday Cake for Poppydog

6oz SR wholemeal flour
2oz Demerara sugar
2 tablespoons dried skimmed milk [although I use fresh milk]
2 small eggs beaten
5 tablespoons cold water
2 overflowing tablespoons liquid honey
4 overflowing tablespoons of mascarpone cheese
Doggy Chocs or treats, Birthday candles and holders to decorate.

1.    Pre-heat oven to 180oC / 350oF / Gas Mark 4.
2.    Grease two 7” round cake tins
3.    Put all ingredients except honey, cheese and doggy chocs/treats into a bowl and fold together. 
4.    Divide mixture into the two cake tins.
5.    Bake in middle of over for about 20mins. Allow to cool
6.    Mix honey and 3 tablespoons of cheese together and spread the mixture on the cake
7.    Place the other cake on top and frost with remaining cheese
8.    Decorate the cake with doggy chocs, treats and candles.


9.    Send invites to all your dog’s friends for a birthday feast!

My name is on the WALL!

I will start this post by also asking if you want to hop over to my other post at 7yummymummies where I have just updated an eventful week with my darling children don't forget to come back.

This week in the Village it’s been fairly busy – I joined our Village Oil Consortium, dropped my photos off for the exhibition, visited the exhibition as well as entertaining a long lost friend of Husbands.

Two weeks ago Husband got an email from one of those websites which reunite you and a long lost school friend made contact with him, there was a flurry of emails back and forth and as the friend was working fairly near by a meal and room was offered with the opportunity to ‘catch up’.  All seemed to go well as I managed to get the kids to bed and Dinner was served a homemade lasagne, green salad, a good bottle of wine and a nice warm pudding.  All was going well and conversation was around what where they had both been up to – [I did feel like I should have gone out for the evening or would that have been bad manners – no I was glad to stay] But the elephant in the room was finally asked – so what brings you to look us up?  The answer came back, “well, there’s not many names I remember from my past and when I do I think those must be the important ones”  so at 11pm I left them to carry on their catch up and think lights went out around 1am.

At the end of the week I asked husband if he had heard from friend and said no – we now have more questions – are we bad hosts? Do we not warrant a thank you? Should we expect a thank you? Will we see him again? – the answer to these questions do not really matter, what matters is that we were able to offer a room, food, and conversation.  If he did not like what he found then maybe we will not see him for another 25 years well we will continue to be a happy family who will help any friend who is in need.

I was quite pleased with myself with joining the Village Oil Consortium as I just happened to ring the organiser on the day of an order being placed how timely was that? The price was good too all though I seethe every time I either fill the Oil tank or the put diesel in the car.

I eventually found the address of where to drop my photos off for their first exhibition after about 15mins of driving up and down a dodgy road at the side of a canal.

My parents arrived Friday for a day at THE EXHIBITION!!!!! For the first time We all managed to pile into Husbands 4x4 which was surprisingly comfortable for the 6 of us even though part of our route was over some very bumpy country roads.

When we arrived at the Exhibition we were all very surprised by the fantastic venue, I was somehow thinking it was just a church hall, but what confronted me was a majestic building with a mixture of different architectural styles from Medieval to Victorian via the Georgian era.  Ayscoughfee Hall, in Spalding was a fantastic place to let the kids explore inside and out and it was FREE admission.  When I entered The Geest Gallery where my pictures were being shown, I felt like a school girl excited and in awe seeing my name on the wall next to my pictures. – I think I have got the bug!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

10 Things to do in February 2011

Gonna try and do a listography with I need curtains for the window in my head  its her first attempt of creating a linky tool so thought I would support her.
10 things I am going to try and do this February 2011

1) well my first has to be to deliver my photos to their first exhibition next week - ooooo getting excited!

Thought you might like to see the three photos which were chosen:

"The Strip - Las Vegas" (c) mummyrella 2008

"WINTER" (c) mummyrella 2011

"Resting" Clearwater, Florida (c) mummyrella 2009

2) putting my form in for Voluntary Redundancy.

3) come up with ideas to help raise £100k for my local Church Roof.

4) make Poppy dog a doggy Birthday Cake - she will be 5 on Valentines Day,

5) exchange Christmas Prezzies with Cousins - yes I still have some to receive too!!!

6) try not to eat too many sweet things of an evening,

7) be postive in looking for a new business venture,

8) GO and VIEW my photos at the exhibition see TIN website for more details

9) sort out new business cards ready for cybermummy11,

10) start organising my Street Party in the Village for the Royal Wedding Day

Yay I've done it - 10 things wow I'm going to be busy busy busy in February and only 28 days to do it all in.