Sunday, 6 March 2011

Optimism, Change and New Life

It’s been a while and lots have gone on within Village life and I realise that it is the month of March already and time to review my listograph and make 10 new ones for the next 25 days.
The listograph was an idea generated by I need curtains for the window in my head

So to start - The review

1) Delivered and viewed my entries to the photo exhibition put on by TIN this will cover No8 in the list as well].

2) My Voluntary Redundancy application was accepted.

3) Met with the Walpole St Peter’s Fundraisers to generate ideas to raise £100,000 for our church roof fund.

4) Made Poppy dog her doggy Birthday Cake which she and my children seemed to enjoy immensely on her birthday “Valentine’s Day”.

5) Well I exchanged Christmas Prezzies with my Cousins but “busy mummy Cousins” left theirs for us on the kitchen table! – yes Allison & Helen I have mentioned you!!!!

6) Cannot help but continue to eat sweet things of an evening.

7) I am looking forward to starting my new business venture.

9) Still sorting out my business cards ready for cybermummy11,

10) Have started on the organising of my Village Party to celebrate the forthcoming Royal Wedding Day.

So it only leads me to make my new list of 10 things for the merry month of March.

1) Chair my first Village meeting of the Village Party for the Royal Wedding Celebrations.
2) Venture out with a Wildlife Photographer on the North Norfolk Coast for the day.
3) Devil Cat is in need of her booster – [for more info on the Devil Cat follow @valentineslady aka Poppydog on her twitter page or on her own blog page Poppydogtails].
4) Read a page a day in my new book Daily Guidance from your Angels by Doreen Virtue.
5) Listen to my new self assertiveness words Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna – it is working!
6) Work with my Life Coach in taking forward my objectives, goals, aims, wishes and in helping him and supporting him in his objectives, goals aims and wishes.
7) Continue the development of my business idea – which I will tell you more about as it develops [a little clue maybe to keep you hooked!]
8) Find a new mode of transport.
9) Sort out new Nursery days for the kids
10)     On the very last day of March [31st] I will celebrate my last day of work as I will be become a number of the uncounted who took Voluntary Redundancy because of this new Government.

It looks like a month of optimism, change and new life – wish me well.

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