Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Gallery - Week 36 - Black and White

So Sticky Fingers and her "Gallery" challenge this week is Black and White and I have to agree that Black and White does give some of the better results when taking photographs, and how I love seeing my grandparents black and white photos but I do find myself wondering what colours their clothes were and also their surroundings or did they have the same colour hair as me? it would have been fantastic to see them in colour too.

My picture this week I'm not sure people will like but I had asked my son to come in for some juice and he didn't want to and he turned and looked up to me and pouted with tears in his eyes and said " I want a biscuit" and just at that moment I pushed the button and as you can see for yourself ....
(c) mummyrella 2010   
....I love him so much xx

Monday, 22 November 2010

Tuesday's Treasure

It's here again already! and here are my two little treasures!

(c) mummyrella 2010
They grow up so fast!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Sixth Sense

It amazes me – how do they do it! kids they must have a sixth sense! "What we having for tea mum – I want Sausages" is the demand and I haven't even said anything to them and yes – that's is what I had planned for tonight!

Tuesday's Treasure

This is an idea from mother, musician & multi-tasker Tuesday's Treasure can be a photo of anything from your favourite dress, handbag to a most magical moment in your life.

I have chosen Poppy Dog - one of my little treasures that keeps me fit and gets me plenty of fresh air and excerise!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

To Beauty

Looking up in the clouds, Yous never know what you'll miss.

There could have been sheep, cakes and dollies or was it just mist.

Hurry quick clouds will cover sun, sky will turn grey, the wind will then blow.

Soft breeze to be blown will then dapple your face,

let yous remember that dream you once had, far far away now, 

upon once in a time now you're safe in my arms.

so sleep my Beauty sleep till the morn is nigh and know that I'll be here for eternity.

(c) mummyrella 2010 x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Seasons - a glimpse

I took this photo on a crisp and frosty April morning in 2009 whilst on a visit to Dunwich Forest with the East of England Biodiversity Forum.

(c) mummyrella 2010

Monday, 1 November 2010

The Woman just had to escape

It's getting to that time of the year when seeing village life gets a little less as the nights draw in as the inhabitants hurry to and fro from work to home. 

I seemed to have had a bit of a exhausting and frustrating day yesterday and managed to get to escape the house to go and do the shopping, not much of an escape and yes/no should I have shopped on a Sunday, I would like to be in the position that I don't have to but at the moment this is not the case. 

And whilst it was an opportunity for me to escape the kids, husband, housework the list is getting endless, I think I met my karma in that I was stopped dead in my tracks of driving through the countryside at a modest speed only to come across an invasion of road runners who had decided to hold a run through the countryside at just this particular time, whilst any other time I would have said they were mad and laughed.

I found myself irritated to the hilt that they had stopped me getting to my destination in the manner I wanted to get there and as a rebellious teenager of 39 going on 13 I turned up my Katy Perry CD [yes think midlife crisis is hitting] as loud as I could bare it and when there was a gap in the man made traffic unfortunately found a little wheel spin that even shocked me - I was a woman on a mission and I didn't want to be stopped.

So in case by a million to one chance one of those road runners is reading this I am not sorry to say and please understand "the woman had to escape the village as quickly as she could".