Sunday, 10 April 2011

I will update but not tonight ....

Just to say I am still here but have been a bit busy - seeing all my subscribed to posts being updated DAILY and think OMG i must get down to mine as I have sooo much I want to say, kiddiewinks growing fast one birthday gone another to follow next week - coping with both being 3 for 10 days!!!!! eeeekkkk! village party getting going, adoption being finalised - we have the BIRTH CERTS now! and oh my give me a couple of days and I'll come back and update you properly - you never know I may have news on the job front tooo! happy reading and dont forget if you want a bit of light reading  pop over to my dog's blog page yes poppydog now writes too at my fingers are tired so hopping off now. God Bless to you all Mummyrella xx

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