Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Well, well well - I'm back!

So all 17 of my followers have you been wondering where I have been  for the past 6 months? "No" you cry not really, well I'll tell you anyway.  I have been on a journey of discovery! Discovering what it is really like to live & work in my town and village.

Some of you may have heard of my nearest town Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK. It firstly does have great historic reference to the Georgian era and has strong links to the Quaker families of Octavia Hill [social reformer and founder of the National Trust] and the Peckover family.  But it also has some very grey areas of deprivation including, social dreprivation, teenage pregancy - which is getting better, and like all other areas of the UK lack of jobs.

So when I found myself redundant nearly 12 months ago, because of my choices my search for employment needed to be local, fit in with the children, part-time? and to be of interest to me! well quite really a BIG Challenge.

I did find one - working in a local surgery - hours didnt really suit, was part-time but found myself doing two jobs, local 20 mins drive on a good day! Interesting to me - well eerrr no not from one who faints going to have their eyes tested no not at all!

But I percevered and was there to help the sick, frustrated, angry, psychotic and the down right rude.  A few nice ones in between and the very sad cases of those who only wanted to be listened to, comforted and told that it was alright, "don't worry if you have forgotten your date of birth, your address or your name, I am here to help you."

But after 6 months of shouting at the kids that they needed to get a move on in the morning, otherwise mummy would be in trouble if she was late - YES told off and in deep trouble if two minutes late!!! or just the sheer manner of being spoken to by some - I had had enough.  The question as to was I actually earning anything - putting the kids in before and after school clubs gave me my answer. NO  I was spending too much time trying to all the right things but not having enough time for us!

So four weeks ago I handed my notice - chickened out of the real reason so just said - with regret, I am resigning! was I really regretting? I was brought up to do, say and write the right thing!

so I have had two days holiday owning to me, and after the first day of jumping round the house for joy the second day I have decided to put fingers to keyboard and say hello to the electronic world again! 

Oh how I have missed you!