Monday, 8 August 2011

Our Village - it's a Dog Poo Area

Well every month we have a great village magazine posted through our doors, it is always very informative on village goings on and I have had a few mentions and added a few bits which is always a great feeling.  The editor is now looking for more input from villagers which he may find a few more coming his way from me! 

However the fairly new addition of "Letters Page" has bought with it a flurry of to's and fro's regarding the amount of Dog Poo in the Village it does seem to be a subject close to many in urban or rural areas.

Now I have to say that whilst everyone of course in entitled to have their point of view.  Some of the views are either a bit close to the mark, a rant or in some cases well thought out.  Yes I do have a dog well one and a half as now our new family addition of 10 weeks Basil the Border Terrier has arrived! and so I like to think I have a very good ethos of picking their business up.  I am also paranoid about them getting out and if they seem to make a nuisance of themselves - not only would I be totally embarrassed I do not want to be known as the or that lady who can't control her dogs or her kids.

Ok I have to put my hand up twice Poppy the BT has followed me out of the house unbeknown to me and it's not until about 30 mins later I have asked "has anyone seen Poppydog?" as I frantically turn the house upside down that I hear a single bark at the front door and there she is patiently waiting for me.  I would just die if someone saw her and whipped her away as she was is my first baby.  Yes I do have 2 cats and have had 6 in total but the 2 I have now - one is completely in charge of us all and the other one is a neurotic torty - if you have one - you know what I am talking about.

But back to the Dog Poo! there are two types of people in the world those that care and those that don't and those that don't will never change and maybe I do agree with the person who wrote in our magazine that they shouldn't be allowed to keep dogs but how do you make them pick up ? I welcome all suggestions and then I can write a constructive article for my Village magazine.