Saturday, 2 July 2011

So Lady GaGa Played Tonight!

We do love Lady GaGa in our family.  My DH loves the videos for some strange reason, my DD loves the tunes and just dances around.  I love Lady GaGa as well and my DS well he for some reason has this need to hear Lady GaGa all the time especially when we get in the car well before we are in the car - "Lady GaGa Mum - play Romarma Romarma" [poker face]

Nanny was particularly shocked when asked Grandson and Granddaughter "what would you like to do on my computer darlings - Cbeebies, Disney?" the look on her face "No silly Nanny Lady GaGa of course"!!!!! 

Although a little shocked Nanny is pretty cool and did comply.

But enough is enough and last week Lady GaGa had a sore throat and was in bed nursing it better.  You see my point - How many times can you listen to the same song over and over and over and over and over and ..... in the same day, on the same car journey.

So Lady GaGa is in bed with her sore throat and is unable to sing.

"Mummy is Lady GaGa in bed?"
"because she isn't very well"
"So is that why she is not playing"
"Yes" OMG it's working!
"What type of bed is she in"
"What type do you think she is in"
"A Blue One no Pink one"

A week later and "Is Lady GaGa feeling better now Mummy?"
"umm yes her throat is getting better" so Lady GaGa has resumed so much so that she has arrived in our nearest town! So with a little bit of guilt I took them to see her show, little did they know it was the Lady GaGa Tribute.

And much to the delight of DS and DD they had a little dance sat on shoulders to look at the view and unquietly said "Mummy why is Lady GaGa naked!!!" they had a lovely time on a warm July evening. And now they are safely tucked up in bed dreaming of Romarma Romarma.

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