Wednesday, 16 February 2011

This Review is NOT sponsored by AMAZON!

Well I ordered two books from Amazon on Sunday just gone and they arrived today - WOW! quick service, I thought as it was Super Saver and I was expecting them later in the week. 

Excitement got to me - its funny how any parcel brings a sparkle to ones eyes.  However when I came to open them up one was incomplete - BOO! I said looking again and again through all the packaging just to see if I hadn't missed it! to no avail.

So it was onto the laptop and to search through to find the Customer Services phone number, as I like to do voice to voice complaints, followed up by emails as I find this way more productive. 

Well the customer services part of the web page was excellent and although I had to select a number of choices in regards to my situation, when I pressed the button for them to call me my phone instantly rang and another amazing WOW! departed my lips.

I can say at this moment in time the problem has been solved a replacement book with CD are on their way to me as I now write this, but I'm thinking to myself, do I really now need that book & CD [believe it or not its the Instant Confidence by Paul McKenna!]

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