Monday, 12 November 2012

What is the rhythm of your family?

So it is absolutely yonks since I lasted posted and views on my page have been steady without me even writing anything! But the needs must or I actually have a few minutes to write something again!

Life has been very busy for us in our family what with holidays, school, new activities and finding our rhythm as a family, because that's what it is all about - What beat your family moves to.

As a family that has come together through Adoption, we were encouraged at our preparation classes to understand that life will never be simply again! tThat here is now more than just you and your partner, a family that has to fit together and work together.  I have found this out more so in the last 12 months due to my employment situation and yes it does affect everyone.

If your circumstances change don't expect your children to carry on their normal routine - they ask questions, they show emotions and they need support and reassurance just as you do too.

But it has not all been doom and gloom, I remembered that we had a roller skating rink quite close to us so one wet Sunday afternoon DS and I ventured out to meet his friend at the local roller skating rink - WOW I must say it was a whole new experience, I had been once decades ago! but had forgotten the thrills, bumps and aching legs that you experience!  There was a great DJ playing up to date music and I turned around and DS had disappeared off the learners rink and I found him off on the big rink with his support aid!

We went back the following week with DD and found 3 hours had whizzed by and I had two confident kids on the big rink! Think I know what might be in Father Christmas's letter this year - 3 pairs of roller skates - WELL YES I found it fun too!!