Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Every Day a Child is Born to help us on our Journey

Children bring so much innocence to life, their thoughts, their imagination, their actions and their dreams.

And so I wanted to share their thoughts and dreams in a few photos that I have taken recently.

This was the morning after the first night DS had ever been sick with us.  He had woken up terrified at midnight and asked to go to Grandpa's bed [where Grandpa sleeps when visiting] and cuddle wiv mummy and poppydog, I awoke in the morning to find two happy snuggly sleeping beauties.

This is a picture in front of St Albans Abby [you can just see it poking through the trees] a place of fond memories for me, we met a dear friend and his family for lunch, whom I hadn't seen for 19 years - I feel bloody old! as it could have been yesterday.
I particularly like the clouds - took this and another below for my Mum she like me appreciates clouds.

One afternoon after Nursery School ...... they were watching cbeebies and I came back to no talking just steady deep and peaceful breathing and dreaming.

At our Lady's Chapel during our 50th Flower Festival. 
Daughter had got the blue monkey from the Bric-a-brac stall, he was carried around for 24 hours and then abandoned I worry about her attachment trying to not make an issue of it but something to keep an eye on.
Of course Poppydog comes to Church too.

The most beautiful flower arrangements we have ever seen everyone loved the flamingo.

"Look Mummy here is my flying bird" - amazing creativity.

My Final Photo - for my Mum

It was taken with my mobile from the field at the back of our house.

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