Friday, 2 October 2015

Nature is Beauty

Early yesterday morning I took the dogs for they usual mooch around the village, and had to take this shot.  I got a little damp as I was using the grass to steady my hand.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

So I hear there's this Big Red thing in the sky this week.

So I decided to set my Fitbit silent alarm for 3am on the morning of the 28th September 2015 to see if I could capture the amazing astrological event on film for my children who would be tucked up in bed and would not witness this until they were 25.

I decided to have a go and set up my Canon 450D with Tamron 70-300mm lens around 11pm so that I did not have to fiddle with it at 3am.

So when my alarm went off at 3am again there was a small voice in my head saying - "do you really want to get up at this time?"
I went downstairs even Basil Dog did not stir in the kitchen, whilst I negotiated my way around the kitchen table to the back door. 

Luckily without causing a scene and making the neighbours alert the local constabulary to the unusal rufflings going on next door.  I set up my tripod outside and started to point to the sky. I was so glad to be there the sky had a red hue about it and the moon looked fantastic.  I even heard a 3:15am a small tweet tweet from the birds in the hedgerow, and the local tawny owl.

I did have one little oppsie but it still looked really interesting so have included it into this post!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How Long Is It Comfortable To Have A Temporary Worker Temporarily Working For You?

A Temp or Temporary worker is just that looking for work temporarily, but when you have been in the same assignment for  nearly 12 months should you continue or is it time to move on?
Since being made redundant 3 years ago and having lost count of the number of job applications, I took heed of my mother’s advice, and used my secretarial skills that I obtained in 6th Form and went back to temping work.

My first ever experience of temping work back in the 80’s after completing my secretarial course, and before commencing my Further Education saw me in a number of different companies most weeks. Now after a gap of nearly 20 years I find myself back in the position as a Temporary worker, and I find that the market is totally different. For the past 3 years I have had two assignments, the first lasted 6 months and my soon to be completed one has lasted nearly 16 months. For the other 9 months I was looking after a position whilst someone was on Maternity Leave and for the mathematicians out there the other gaps I was looking for permanent work and harassing agencies for temporary work.
What are your views to the purpose of the Temporary Worker?

Why do employers employ temporary workers we are told that unemployment is going down but are temporary contracts really the way forward to saving our economy?
Employing temporary staff does help employers stave off the increase in “head-count” and for others it is because a person of suitable skills cannot be found for a permanent position.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

Well Christmas is 6 Sleeps away and this year it is really "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" it seems that now as we have been a family for 3 years, it is all fitting together and the first Christmas is truely beginning.

Whilst in the first year we as parents were so keen to give them the best ever Christmas, on reflection - WOW what a traumatic time it must have been for them, so many changes and experiences for us as Adults to experience you forget how they must of felt at the time. Furniture being moved around to fit a big outdoor object - the Christmas Tree in and the decorations up, different foods, games, routines things were certainly hectic.

But now we have more choreographed events, Tree, - ["Not as big as last year mum - on that one the fairy touched the ceiling!"], we have a countdown sleep board, and a un chocolaty advent calendar, not traditional but we are learning all the names of the reindeer.

We have been to see Father Christmas without screaming and being petrified of the Big Red Man! we took our presents and saving them to open on Christmas Day.  So proud of them not to just rip the paper off and look where the next present would come from or "she/he got a better present than me".

Life is chilled, apart from all the other normal routine whines and groans getting to and from School, bed, shopping! - we look like we are heading for a lovely Christmas to remember.