Thursday, 10 March 2011

We are now Forever Mummy and Daddy – At Bloody Last!

1253 days or 3 years 5 months and 6 days ago apart from it being the day of my 36th Birthday it was also the day I made a call that would change my life forever.  It was a call to our local authority expressing the great wish that my husband and I wanted to adopt.  To us it didn’t matter whether it was one, two or three children, Girls, Boys mixed or otherwise.  We just wanted to be able to give someone a better chance of a happy, sociable, caring, loving and inclusive life.

And as of Tuesday just gone we are now officially a family of FOUR [plus 3 pets!].  Although our beautiful Daughter and Son have been with us for 708 days or 1 year, 11 months and 9 days, the Judge was able to decree the Adoption Order and life for Mummyrella can now at last MOVE FORWARD.

A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, I do feel more secure and complete, although this completeness has been with me since D&S arrived all that time ago, it is a final completeness one of silence and no second doubting and worrying about how things could possibly change.

Of course I will not be going into all the ins and outs of why D&S arrived at a time in their little lives to us.  But it does leave me reflecting with thoughts to Birth Mothers around the world and to send a little prayer to help them be strong in order to cope with their own situations.

And in this time of reflection I can think back to how the journey has been, but more importantly how it will be – we are heading into uncharted waters like every family, new adventures, new beginnings and new lessons to learn.  At the end of the day we all only have one life here – there may well be other lives on different plains, but lets us all make the most of what we have and be thankful for our beautiful children however they come to us.

I have just found that it is National Family Week soon 30th May - 5th June 2011  Go on have some fun!


  1. Congratulations! You have two beautiful children, best of luck for a very happy future x

  2. Congratulations hun - so chuffed for you and your family.

    Your children are BEAUTIFUL and it's about time you can legally call them yours!!

    Hugs x

  3. So inspirational...adoption is something I know I will do in the future. Now is not the right time for me, but I have always known as do all those around me. I look forward to reading more about your journey. Congratulations.

  4. Wonderful, so pleased you were able to offer these two little children a loving home. Dh and I are waiting for our own kids to be just a bit older and to be at school before we start fostering.

    Mich x

  5. Fantastic and congratulations. You're children are beautiful and look very happy. xxx