Wednesday, 19 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

Well Christmas is 6 Sleeps away and this year it is really "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" it seems that now as we have been a family for 3 years, it is all fitting together and the first Christmas is truely beginning.

Whilst in the first year we as parents were so keen to give them the best ever Christmas, on reflection - WOW what a traumatic time it must have been for them, so many changes and experiences for us as Adults to experience you forget how they must of felt at the time. Furniture being moved around to fit a big outdoor object - the Christmas Tree in and the decorations up, different foods, games, routines things were certainly hectic.

But now we have more choreographed events, Tree, - ["Not as big as last year mum - on that one the fairy touched the ceiling!"], we have a countdown sleep board, and a un chocolaty advent calendar, not traditional but we are learning all the names of the reindeer.

We have been to see Father Christmas without screaming and being petrified of the Big Red Man! we took our presents and saving them to open on Christmas Day.  So proud of them not to just rip the paper off and look where the next present would come from or "she/he got a better present than me".

Life is chilled, apart from all the other normal routine whines and groans getting to and from School, bed, shopping! - we look like we are heading for a lovely Christmas to remember.