Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Gallery - Education

I'm really gutted with myself as I really wanted to do last weeks The Gallery Topic Trees - which I still did but did not get to linky it up - so if you want a blast you can read it further down the page.

This weeks Gallery Topic is all about Education, and I WILL make it this time! Whilst I had the standard Education there were times on reflection where I find myself being able to delve into slightly different methods, institutions and ways of being educated.

My first picture is of me at Sunday School for which as a young child I found great enjoyment, listening to stories, singing, doing craft and acting out passages from the Bible.  More often than not I found myself playing the part of Jesus, as, as a grew up I seemed to be taller than all the others for which made for a good representation. 

Who remembers those old uncomfortable chairs?
Eventually at the age of 17 or 18 I went on to teach Sunday School to the pre school age children and we all seemed to have a good time discussing what they got up to at the weekend as well as doing my favourite story about the Fishes and the Loaves - I always brought in the white chocolate Fish n Chips for us to munch on - chips not really loaves of bread but you can see where I was going - honestly!

Now as I am reaching my 4th decade, I decided to take a short course on the Introduction to Counselling, whilst this was a way for me to start to understand why people are the way they are - this post has also brought some interest from other sites and if you too are intersted in Sunday School as well, you may also enjoy pursuing a career in Christian Counselling so if you are why not go to:
[this now is a sponsored link]

My next two pictures are from the time when I decided to study Land Surveying and Cartography [the art of making maps].  This I had a great time doing and even got paid to do through the 'YTS' scheme.  I was happy - had money in my pocket for essentials and bus fare, and my parents were happy - I hope too.

Not sure if you can see but in the first of the two photos below we were all studiously carrying out complicated mathematically equations regarding our levelling or our surveying points with our calculators - yes we got to use those other buttons not sure if I could remember what they all mean and do now.  I did seemed to find my later education life surrounded in a male dominated world as I went onto study mineral surveying.

Maths can be funny sometimes.

and lastly the final picture is of a great teacher MR COLE, he had many many years experience of  Land Surveying - he always had a smile and you usually found him outside walking up and down the college grounds with a cigarette in his hands, but he was always so helpful and kind and made you laugh and we are sure he did realise how much he looked like Fred Flintstone!



  1. think i have a little crush on Mr Cole

  2. So what are you busy with now? I mean, do you still get to practice what you learned in your surveying classes? You're right, that field is mostly populated with males, but I'm sure you fared just as well as them. Using the surveying equipment is the best part of it, right? And yes, who could ever forget about that one professor who made a big impact on you. Aah, the good ol' days...

  3. Hey Jesse thanks for your kind words - I ended up in a completely different arena! The water industry and finally last week saw my last week as a Civil Servant - made redundant by the great British Government. The equipment was fantastic and I still like to keep up with my gadgets – what’s your profession?