Tuesday, 21 June 2011

So yes I am a Cybermummy Virgin

and proud to say so and nervous, and excited, and apprehensive, and ooooo so many feelings!  Even though this is my second attempt of getting to Cybermummy this year.  As posted earlier I got my dates muddled up and nearly arrived at The Brewery two weeks early! It is my first time.
So I have decided to post a few of my thoughts before I leave, as I am also going to try and do a live blog on the day for the Cyber-Lab - "making your blog legal".  So please come back and read all about it as Cybermummy is in full swing.

I had to make the decision to either go with my head or one of my passions *photography* and whilst the whole day I will be lapping up the atmosphere, I thought I would also like to get a little bit of advice too.

My To Do list is growing thanks to the 12 things you need to bring to Cybermummy in last weeks newsletter on The BritMums Blog.

I've been ummm and rrrr'ing over business cards - and I loved the Moo Cards and would love to get some - but I am going to try something a little different.  I still haven't decided what yet but my creative streak usually appears under pressure and when you meet me - you will not forget you met Mummyrella! 

I am also making sure that I make time to pamper myself and have booked a mini pedicure thanks to Joanne at Canoe.

And I'm so looking forward meeting you all and trying to catch up with Metal Mummy, Motivating Mum Uk, Mymumdom, Sticky Fingers, HelloitsGemma's blog, to name but a few. 

I will also reflect on those of you that are unable to attend, and look forward to giving you a snippet of what went on the day.

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