Saturday, 9 July 2011

More Festival Too - Murder of the Dance Floor

Last Night I managed to get the little darlings off to sleep on time, they had had a busy week and so this was not too hard to do, also having Godparents to help made things a Godsend literally! There was no crying or whining or moaning.  Sometimes it's just nice to have 3 pairs of extra hands!

So once all was quite I left DH in charge and playing Tanks with Godfather, whilst I returned to the metropolis of King's Lynn to find Murder on the dance floor taking place!  Yes our little town had a visit from Sofie Ellis Bextor! She was very good and even my young friends which included Godmother & 'A' whom I dragged along enjoyed her too.

I tried to take a few snaps of her and managed to get near to the stage, but she didn't seem to smile very often and so I think most of those I took were not very flattering photos, these were the best of the bunch!

Tonight hopefully I return to see The Hoosiers and The Feeling - apparently there will be a good looking Bass player so have got to go and check him out!

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  1. Got all your wonderful pens this week, thank you:):):):)