Friday, 10 June 2011

What a Silly Billy I am - or What the Earlist Cybermummy11 delegate I was!

Part of the title follows the last update on my Facebook account - What a Silly Billy I am "What a Stupid Mare I am" should be the Title or "I am SO F'ING EMBARRASSED" should be the title really.

Last night Thursday I was very pleased with myself for once I was almost packed, last things to do were to print off My Ticket and my Hotel Ticket - where am I going you ask me?  Well Cybermummy11 of course. 

So first things first updated my facebook page to let the WHOLE WORLD know I am ready, when my dear friend [whom I'm to meet for the first time at Cybermummy11] points out "Your organised - its not for another TWO WEEKS!!!!!!"

OMG what the "F'ing" embarrassed am I?

What's wrong with me - I'm usually so organised but not this bloody organised. I announced it to the world via Facebook and feeling rather expossed.

Now I have a bit of a fretful sleep thinking got to get up early to try and cancel hotel bookings - much better to do in the morning as have until Noon to cancel - but Wait I have a Job interview at 11 am, yes no problem this can be achieved by 11.  2 hours later still trying to cancel online, the kids have 10 mins to get ready for nursery, I'm still not dressed and I start to break out into a sweat.

I ring the grandparents to tell them my predicament and to ask if we still come but are they able to have the kids in two weeks as well. My mother is very calming and just laughs down the phone, but starts to also help by looking online for numbers and my Dad gives his advice and help across the room too.

I then put a call out to Facebook for Help resorts in my bestest Cybermummy 11 friend coming to the rescue and finding the TRAVELODGE phone number - panic mode set in and can't concentrate.  Disaster again phone line won't work, Website won't except my passed - CRAP what next?

The last resort .... Drive the 10 mins "luckily" to my nearest Travelodge - when spurred by losing money we do MAD things!  So I get to nearest Travelodge after dropping kids off at Nursery - Poppydog is also in car too as have taken so long trying to log on to TRAVELODGE website that her walk will have to be done when and if this gets sorted!!!!

Sue at TRAVELODGE was very helpful although she was unable to cancel my booking she calmly dialled the Travelodge number and passed me the phone - after 10 mins of hanging on to listen to crackly music I got through "Cancel your booking? why certainly yes that 's all done for you - anything else I can help you with today"  - Um no other than I feel so small and embarrassed - I'm sure I will laugh about this in two weeks time - or will I be known forever as the most earliest arriving delegate to Cybermummy for ever.

So we are still travelling down to London for the weekend and having a nice few days with Nanna & Grandpa altogether double bonus!

The interview I got to - but decided it was not for me but hey that's another post.

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  1. Again... You're a muppet.

    But, a lovely one :) x