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Cybermummy11 - live blog update - Keeping Your Blog Legal

Well I'm here at Cybermummy11 and the buzz is just fantastic Mummies everywhere and a few Daddies too!

I am updating post just to make sure it now makes sense and the spelling is all correct.
So am sitting in the Keeping your Blog Legal Session here goes: ........
Do you accept freebies, do reviews or write about people?
Are you unsure about libel and copyright? Does HRMC know about your blogging swag?
These are blogging issues you can't afford to ignore.

Don't be too concerned you are ok!

Top Ten Tips

1) Be Nice (engage filter) - think about what you are saying about individuals and brands - if a bit unsure - place in draft box. so if something that damages reputation.  eeek remember twitter and lawyers can find you so THINK! although the USA has free speech the UK is not there yet.

2) Don't Steal [attribution isn't enough] - Don't take content, Don't take pictures/photos off other sites.  Take your own photos!   Legislation is there to protect you You have a monopoly right over anything you have written. If your content is taken contact them maybe kindly ask them to link to your Blog, Website. and ask them  report to google, the ISP.

3) Obey the rules - [and know that there will be some] Contract Law - you have more than likely signed contracts, terms and conditions for sites like twitter, facebook, etc

4) Free speech and free beer Competitions is a form of gambling if you asking for payment to enter YOUR competition IT IS GAMBLING and classed as an ILLEGAL LOTTERY.  Pulling names out of a hat is ok though.

5) Look after your friends - [and those that aren't. you're responsible for them] -  People talk, if you are going to Branded events - maybe confidential work you are responsible for the comments on your blog.  You are the Editor of your blog, you can either edit comments or block them or take the comments down.

6) BE YOU - [it suits you]  being someone else can cause problems.  don't be beaten down by the brand.  Office of unfair trading if you are asked to do a review I will say it is a review.  Information is on Britmums and blogging with integrity.

7) Tell the ,the whole truth , and nothing but the truth - [unless you're writing fiction] - you do not have to have a disclaimer, but readers and bloggers, brands need to have an understanding of this.  If you have a problem to the review, it is good etiquette to make your PR sponsor away of what you are going to write. but if they ask you to take it down - you do not have to take it down.  As long as it's true.  If negative feedback left about the review or brand you should leave it on so that people can see it is real. 

Remember this is not your diary it is available for the whole wide world to see

8) remember you are publishing not journalling.

9) Don't be bullied to take down content [or if your don't have anything nice to say, run it past them first! - self explanatory!

10) You're dealing with people who know what contracts are. You should too.

Catch up more with Gayle, as she is a blogger and solicitor specialising in internet law at Wragge & Co LLP. @bumblings


Dawn Brown

Dawn was very informative and had lots of advice to give - I think I caught most of it!

Basically she explained that. If you are getting a payment from your blog - it is taxable - you have to decide if it is a hobby or a business. if looking at it as a profit - should declare as self assessment - as a sole trader.
You will need to register as self employed and fill in your self-assessment form which is linked to the amount tax you will have to pay if you earn over a certain amount. 

Remember your tax credits maybe affected.
If you are reviewing items for reviews - you are technically receiving a gift - if you are not selling them on.

Income - remember to deduct your fees -these could include your domain reg, hosting fees, attending cybermummy!, broadband costs, hardware - laptops.

For more information contact

Both talks were very informative and both will be blogging on their posts for more information. I recommend going to their sites to get more information as I am only liable for what I write!

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  1. Hi, Thanks for attempting to decipher my waffle lol - I'm going to be posting a step by step guide to tax and posting all the relevant links to forms, HMRC information etc at some point this week which will hopefully make it much clearer for everyone to understand :)