Tuesday, 31 August 2010


busy day today up at 6am emptied dishwasher, washing machine, made sandwiches, got kids up, milk, washed, dressed, childminder drive to work listening to radio 4 - remember to listen to the choice. what will the GT announce today, Rang husband to wake him up for work, carried on with Work, Left work for kid pick up, tea, cuddles, bath, bed upload photos, ran husband to see where he's at, blog then bed nite nite xx

Monday, 30 August 2010

My First Blog

Well, that's it watched the film now want to do it for myself - become a blogger that's the thing to do, as my Mum is always telling me " you never know where in the world you will be at the end of the day".   I love those iconic sayings I have been brought up with them over the years.  You know the ones, "You will always learn one new thing everyday", "life's a box of something" and oh yes "well at least it's not raining, windy, snowing" get my drift.  Well it's gone past the hour of my sleep time so I will sign off, from my first minutes of blogging - nite nite - sweet dreams, see you in the morning. Village Alien :)