Sunday, 15 May 2011

Its 6:45am on a Sunday Morning

Whilst I have been a parent now for nearly 2 years [and I am enjoying it immensely and wouldn't want it any other way] sometimes I just need that lie in on a Sunday morning.  Some may say its my own fault for getting them so much into a routine, others may say wow you get them to sleep for 11 - 12 hours a night! So why not just get yourself to bed earlier and be able to wake up nice and chirpily like your children.

And my answers would be
1. I am an Adult I don't want to go to bed at 8:30
2. I want to enjoy conversing with my DH even though we watch telly mostly.
3. I would like to catch up with friends, family
4. I would like to have some chocolate in peace
5. I'd like to watch a programme or two that I want to watch without having to unconsciously end up singing a nursery rhyme or light-hearted theme tune.

1. why don't children need any more "extra hours" in bed occasionally?
2. why do children wake up so nosily in the mornings?
3. why do children both decide they need to do a Poo before 7am?
4. why do children have to ask so many questions which should so grown up before 7am?
5. why do children have so much energy that their make belief games are just once constantly long very long sentence that never never seems to end or get to the point, but continues into a completely different made up game?

I do not believe that there will be answers on a postcard for this one, but just wonderful memories to cherish for when I say.

"Why aren't my children like they were when they 4 and 3 years old".

Thank you for reading this very early written post on a Sunday Morning.


DD - not quite asleep!

Friday, 13 May 2011

What do you do if you can not find a loo....

In an English Country Garden!

I think I remember the next line going something like this

"Pull down your pants and water the Ants in an English Country Garden"

Apologies there for my more serious readers - but that's what it has been like today on the mission of Toilet Training for Darling Son, he was so carried away playing with his Girlfriend in the garden that daughter came and told me D has wee'd under the table whilst playing with G!

So it's not too big a deal we get cleaned up and DS happily goes in search on clean pants and clean trousers - ooohhh how he is growing up so fast.

Earlier today we were in the car and discussing what we would like to have in our lunch and I said "who wants Cumer Cumer?" [code name for cucumber] and DS loudly pointed out that " it is not Cumer Cumer mummy but is called Cucumcumber!" I must spend a few moments noting these little quirks down so that I can relive these moments again and again.

Some may think I'm having a get at DS today as he fell asleep at the Dinner table tonight and I filmed him thinking it would be a great moment for You've been framed things instead it seemed more like a cruel mummy thing as all he wanted was a cuggle. So I put down the camera gave him a cuggle and put him to bed an hour early fingers crossed that this does not mean an hour earlier start tomorrow - especially as it is Saturday! on that note and looking at the time I think I'd better skidaddle and get myself up the wooden hill.