Thursday, 30 September 2010

Autumn is here

Well have managed to take Poppy Dog for a lovely walk this morning, in between dropping kids off at nursery and cramming 2 slices of toast and 1/2 cup of tea down.  Well when I stepped out - what a gorgeous morning it is! the sun is out, the sky is blue with no clouds, the birds are singing and the air is chilled, I just seem to love every season here in our village. 

The dew was very heavy this morning and I'm not too sure how I looked trekking over the field in my big wellies, warm green jacket a lovely woolly hat to go with it and my office skirt! having to dash in a mo for a meeting with the Environment Agency, but I was warm and cosy and Poppy Dog was happy sniffing the air and having a lovely streeetch.  She was a little bit naughty as she crossed the dyke and started to play in the farmers field, and managed to entice her back with a lovely doggy biscuit, works every time ;).

Now just finishing my other 1/2 of cup of tea before climbing in my car and picking up the toys and clothes strewn around the house from our early morning dash.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

David My Son

My darling David,
My arm is getting heavy,
"Why Mummy",
Because David, you've got my arm,
Like a little spider monkey!

(c) mummyrella 2010

Monday, 27 September 2010

dog gone tired!

It's monday and i've now been trying to write a blog post for about an hour, lack of sleep, curiosity and oh yes the blinking internet keeps crashing - one out of 3 of these things is because I live in a VILLAGE!!! and it's not the one being tired or curious!!! WHY WHY WHY does technology take soooooooooo long to get to us in the VILLAGE,  I love living in the village really I do but lets hope this government is going to help bring broadband to everyone soon!

Anyway I am very tired because beautiful son managed to sleep for 2 hours in the car yesterday and we got no sleep last night! He has now been asleep since I got home from work so have not spoken to him other than to soothe him back to sleep when I transferred him from sofa to bed! He is like a beautiful angel, sleeping in a world of no worries.  This then gave me time to have one to one with daughter and we had a lovely bathtime and then a lovely big cuddle in bed where I nearly fell asleep for the rest of the night. Think Husband is starting to feel like a blog widower! so better sign off and tidy up before I fall alseep sitting here.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, mmmm Roasts!

25th September 2010
I’m cheating I have started writing this on the 25th September! [yesterday]! 12 weeks and counting to the big Day – Christmas Day the best food day of the year!!!
Food – one of my favourite subjects and my father’s!, however, I may find that I am going off it. This evening [Saturday] for an example my son [bless him] has in his most charming voice told me quite categorically that “I don’t like mushrooms, I don’t like peas, I don’t like onion”, “I like rice” ooh thats good I say ‘cos rice is what comes with Beef stroganoff!  Then darling daughter tells me that “I don’t like chicken” I say “it’s not chicken”, daughter says “don’t like pork” I say “it’s not pork” she says “what is it then” I say “beef”, “oh she says “ I don’t like it” I say “ fine and then eat the wonderful bits of fillet steak beef I bought myself, Yes fillet steak! Granted only a small piece but enough none the less cut up very thinly and added to mushrooms, mixed veg, rice with soured cream.  Mummyrella dnd Daddy really enjoyed it!
I have to say though both have been very good with what has been put infront of them, I found that putting the yoghurts into bowls and varying works well, so that they don’t get stuck with one brand, I as mentioned earlier in the week, Monday, Tuesdays is easy night as husband is home first and starts the cooking – fishfingers, chips and something with tomato sauce on it, and the kids tuck into this really well, also just recently Daddy has started experimenting with sausages, onions, red peppers and gravy, with mash, mmmmm smells delish as I walk through the door and tastes really nice too!  So glad the maris piper potatoes are back my kids just would not eat new potatoes – don’t why it was, could get them past the lips, the lady at the butchers said the same thing, anyone else have that problem? Anyway mash is good mixes a wealth of other things together that they cannot see hahaha my likes this J .  I cannot give the kids enough fruit – they love it love it and some days I has to say – you’ve had enough or you’ll look like a piece of fruit, bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, lemons!!!, pears, strawberries, the list is endless, although the very first time I gave them kiwi, I had forgotten that they had had this and I thought they had both got some terrible disease, when changing their nappies! And then it clicked!
Sundays are usually my best food day of the week, as I lurv Roast Dinners, as do the family, although chicken is my favourite and husband will grin and bear it – prefers beef , or pork or lamb, even during the heat of the summer I have managed to have a few roasts! Mad you probably say, and yes this did cross my mind as the sweat was brushed from my brow and the 180 degree heat blew from the oven onto my already 90 degree hot face but the roast chicken was worth it, the kids love it too and especially everyone can’t get enough of the homemade Yorkshire puddings, so glad its Sunday today!!!
It’s now Sunday! and I have been up for 2 ½ hours and it’s not 8:30am ...... now it’s 8:10pm where has the day gone let alone the week! I get distracted easily now and find myself doing other things and forget what I was trying to do.  Anyway the reason it’s 12 hours later is that I have been to Mums for the day which now takes a good 2 hours  down the A1 what with all the paraphernalia that has to be put into the car, kids strapped in, dog strapped and then me strapped in, we’re away! And another good nosh up roast beef and homemade apple pie with the lovely added bonus of my great Aunty Margaret arriving on the doorstep to join us just as we are serving up.
My final thought before signing off – my last week of being 38! This time next week I will be 39 and 11 hours old! Have a good week everyone xx

Thursday, 23 September 2010

HELP! Facebook is down - I feel Naked!

OMGoodness! this is terrible, Facebook is down and I feel so alone! I actually had to pick up the phone and check with my mum to see what she was doing, and to ask if she had access, soooo relieved that the whole network seems to have gone down and not just my laptop phew! 

But the big question is How is everyone coping????  is it national, worldwide how far, have the astronauts on the ISS lost contact too? What are people doing? I suppose many are twittering, I unfortunately don't use this as I havent incorporated it into my mobile phone package and feel that it's not got quite the effect using on the laptop and not as mobile as a mobile phone.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Dodgy prawns and Poppy Dog walks.

What a end or start to the week! I always do see Sunday as the last day in the week, a day of reflection and soul searching, this Sunday I spent most of it in the bathroom, I think it was a dodgy prawn, as the other 9 persons all seem fine including my two darlings who had a bit of rice and noodles. So Monday was a day of recovery whilst keeping the darlings amused, luckily it was a gorgeous afternoon in the Village and they played outside all afternoon and into the evening before bath and bed, which led to a whole night of restful sleep, bless them, hoping for this again tonight as another good day for playing in the garden.

Last week I managed a walk around the Village in my lunch hour and took the opportunity of taking my camera with me not forgetting of course Poppy Dog as well, and I got a few really good snaps of the surrroundings if I do say so myself.  I was so pleased with the results that I hurried - in the car the 6 1/2 miles to my nearest shopping metropolis to get them printed off, you can see a few of the results on the left hand side.  I decided to put them into an album and left them at the back of the Church.  I went to pick them up yesterday whilst walking Poppy Dog and as usual met a few people along the way and was delighted that the album had gone down well following the Sunday Service especially my picture of  "Ken" a wonderful gentleman who looks after the Church.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

this blogging is getting addictive.

Its 8:40 in the morning on Sunday and I am having an argument with my 3 ½ year old which sounds like a teenager rant about how she is not going to put her knickers on, we now have the tears and the flinging around and the weeping this I don’t mind so much it’s just the whining and shrieking at high pitch.  I’d like to think I am winning.  This hasn’t helped me this morning either as I have woken up from hardly sleeping a wink after watching about 30mins of Zombieland sorry Woody, I think you’re a great actor but I get scared so easily and had to switch off, paid the price and had a very disturbed nights sleep and work up with either stomach bug or suffering from dodgy prawn in my Chinese meal, all this before 9am on a Sunday must sound familiar to many of you too.
I have just created my first blog for 7yummymummies  I'd like to thank the ladies for letting me join in their blog and so have incorporated that blog into  this one ...
I would like to introduce myself ....  my name is Mummyrella and I am soon to be 39, redundant and have a non stop house full of mayhem and madness as can see from above.  We have two beautiful children our daughter who is 3 ½ [going on 13] and our son who is 2 ½ [going on 59] 2 cats [one who is neurotic and talks to me, the other one rules the house] and one dog Poppy dog our border terrier who is just about surviving in the madness.
This year has been a major life changing experience for us [my husband and I] as we are currently going through the process of adopting our two and whilst everyday is a new experience for us it has been an eye opening experience for the past 3 years from the moment of making our decision to adopt to getting us to this day and still having to await for legal proceedings.  But like all of you reading this our life with two toddlers must be just the same.  We have climbed some huge mountains to get where we are today and there will no doubt be many more to climb in the future days, weeks, months and years.
So this week, let me see a fairly average week to start with, however has got slightly more stressful as the week went on, you see I’m not very good with medical things as I have been known to faint at the opticians [I just get very nervous – always have been] but daughter was due for her 2nd  set of immunisations and bless her she was so so good, I decided not to tell her until we got to the surgery and It had helped I think because earlier that morning we had to take our Poppy dog to the vets for her booster and we had all gone in together.  When we got to the doctors my daughter had asked was “mummy unwell” and I said no the nurse is going to give her some medicine a bit like Poppy Dog got this morning, “oh” she said “a needle” and went a little quiet and so I whipped out my bribe a Chocolate Hellokitty lollypop and the promise of McDonalds for lunch straight after, this she was very happy about but worried that her brother wouldn’t be coming as I managed to get him in nursery for a couple of hours so had one-2-one with her.  She was so brave and by the end lots of hugs and more hugs and two plasters one for each arm we kind of carried ourselves out of the surgery as I had gained a huge stress headache from the guilt of taking her and should I have told her beforehand, but it was over and whilst the pain from the event itself was still there in her little arms, I hope that I hadn’t scarred her from going to the doctors in future.
If anyone has Digital TV did anyone watch Discovery HD – Extreme Bodies on Dwarfism, I am in great awe at how people cope with their disabilities but when it went on to explain about bone extensions and showing the operation, that was enough for me as I explained above - not very good with medical stuff, so had to turn over, but the little girl who was a ¼ size of a normal 13 year old touched my heart and went out to her family. 
Saturday night we held a farewell / good luck party for our friend Gracie who is going to University, I let the kids stay up a little later and we had Chinese and a cake with sparkly candles on them.  We wish Gracie the very best of luck and I thank her for being a great help to me in the past 12 months, the kids adore you and we look forward to seeing you very very soon x
My son is a little super star and at only 2 ½ his bestest sentences this week have been
“ooooo mummy a big boys cup, am I a big boy now”
5:45am Thursday [through the monitor] “mummy I don’t want to wear a party hat”
“look mummy, look at my hair bunchies”
Hopelessly trying to potty/toilet train him but not pushing him, I find that as they are so close in age 355 days apart! They are both trying to do the same things at the same time a bit like having twins, I do see differences as my daughter is more aware of right and wrong and my son is just a little charmer with his long long eyelashes [what is it with boys with long lashes].
Signing off for now – hope you have enjoyed my week if you want to follow me further click to hope to see you next Sunday.
Have a good week all x

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Gone past middle of the week syndrome - now on to GET ME TO THE WEEKEND QUICK! kids had a lie, which is nice but then all hands to the station to get out the door for 7:30, so 7:37 wasn't bad, had a struggle with son and ended up splashed in milk and more toothpaste in my yes MY hair than in his mouth! I recall saying another sentence from the past - "yes you have to clean your clean son, there's no getting out of it, it's just one of those things we have to do" anyway all in the Vehicle as I say by 7:37 dog as well and with both children with two hair clips in their hair each! - We all made it in one piece - hurrah!

then came home sat quietly eating my toast with a hot! cup of tea sat down to write this post and looked out the kitchen window and saw a wonderful blue sky with cotton wool clouds, ah tranquility - now to go for a lovely walk in my village with the dog ready to start a day of real work!!!!

(c) mummyrella 2010

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A quick post whilst eating ones toast!

Its Wednesday, middle of the week feeling, Son has now spent two nights in our bed, very unsettled and wanting to talk at around 5am in the morning, the thing is he makes quite clear and concise sentances at this time and it's just I NEED my sleep to to sleep! bless him especially when he tells me that "I luv ya mum".  Daughter slept soundly and woke up happy and left to her own devices [watching telly and drinking milk] she was fine, luckily only got a short knickknackpaddywhack of "I'm not doing that NO!!" twice this morning - once for her to empty her bladder, which was completely full and the other not putting her socks on. 

Anyway its now 8:00 and I have dropped kids off at nursery, dog off at dog nursery! and back in time to get a couple of slices of toast and a quick hoover round - have to admit I can't remember when I hoovered last - think it was last week, if my mum is reading this I hoovered yesterday!

********I had a thought [sadly not about the village - which I have yet to post about] **********

Has anyone ever had a dream about you and told you? I often dream and sometimes it is everynight on the odd occassion I have told the person that I had this wierd dream about them they look at me and kinda go "oh" and then you feel obliged, but not to tell them the whole truth in case it was too ghastly or really gorey or too much information please! and then you would probably never see them again.  But I would also be interested to know if you dreamt of someone at the sametime as them dreaming of you - think that would be really really wierd but in a cool kind of way!  a bit like if you wanted to know if it was quicker to take that shortcut to work or wherever and if only you hadnt taken that turning and it lead to this really long traffic jam, would you have got to your destination before going the other way.

this is getting too complicated and I have hoovering to do before a full days work in the office, so signing off for now. catch u l8r!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary Mr & Mrs A xxxx

I dedicate this post to my Brother and Sister in law - Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary and for giving my 2 beautiful nephews and one gorgeous niece - I will love you forever xxxx

It's Monday again - doesnt time fly, another week gone and we're growing fast.  I got home from work today and my daughter looked so cute in her denim dress which is slightly too short for her now - another excuse to go shopping i think.  We are slowly getting the hang of the coming home from work situation.  It gets a bit manic - 2 adults, 2 toddlers, 1 dog all happy to see everyone, the dog seems to get the most cuddles and hugs, whilst the 2 cats skidattle as soon as the key hits the lock, sliding across the wooden floor in the hallway.

We had a lovely weekend, visited the local butterfly farm for a friends 5th Birthday and had a fab time, to feel the warm September sun  on your face and see the kids happily playing was great, the corn snake and my son almost killing the local ant population not so good, but we took him quickly away from the rope bridge that the ants were precariously crossing whilst carrying their heavy loads of bits of green leaves back to their colony. But he made my heart melt when he told me that "he needed his bed coz he was tired mummy" bless him I will treasure it as at 21/2 years not sure how long he will still be saying that he wants to go to bed!

Work is another kettle of fish and have never known a situation like this - we are in limbo as to knowing when we are to be gone - redundant, abolished, work in some places is very slow and in others is just as busy, I just hope that everyone will be able to cope.  Its a good time to keep friends and help one another and to be supportive.

My final thought for tonight goes to my little girl who is having her booster at the end of the week which I am trying to be relaxed about - huh I smirk as I faint at the opticians! wish me luck

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Easter Eggs - Yes and OMG! I'm a Mummy going back to studying - advice please!

Not only is this the week to start my first ever blog, which I have had a few interesting comments and followers and great thanks go to you all. but mummyrella has now decided to take an even bigger plunge and go back to studying as well - Do I have time for this I ask myself, it's only 4 months, I say quickly eating one of my sons easter eggs [I know its september!] .  eek! I have just enrolled myself on to an Open University Course -  an introduction to counselling. Was it seeing and smelling that brand new lovely stationary everywhere for all those fresh students or seeing the excitment in my friends faces who are just on the tip of the rest of their lives by going to university.

I have the opportunity to change my career thanks to C&C and trying to have deep and meaningful thoughts whilst changing nappies, wiping snotty noses and bouncing on the trampoline, it got me thinking about who I am and it took me back to remembering that whenever I have carried out those personality tests at work I come up trumps as the teams "people person" so I have decided to use this to my advantage.  any thoughts, comments, advice that you have would be greatfully received.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Lunch for the purple party girls!

This is a test to see if I have got the right address to send a post from an email!

And also to say "thank you" to the Purple Party PM girls - they know who they are! -  had a nice cheap homemade lunch and a good all natter - keep your chin up and see you soon. xx

Monday, 6 September 2010

The WHYS have arrived to stay for how long??????

Disturbed night sleep my beautiful son decided at midnight to tell me that "I luv ya mummy" and "I want to give you a cuddle" so in he hopped for an hour as by that time mummyrella and Mr mummyrella had lost the battle with the bedding and mummyrella needed the sleep, not only for the beauty reasons - [for which she really does need lots] but also because I had to get to the office and had an hours drive to get to it. Granted I do get to chill before the office in the car, listening to the radio and drive across beautiful fenland scenary.
These days as I reach nearer and nearer to the BIG "4" "0" I seem to find that I am enjoying radio 4 more and more - I hope that this is a good thing although I also find myself disagreeing out loud with alot of the interviewees and in a Dr Evil kind of smirk how those politicians wriggle when asked the same question over and over because they avoid answering and look silly for not doing so.
Anyway I would claim that I had a steady day at work but then came home to a house of Visiting WHYS - the WHYs have arrived - help! we have decided to tackle it a pragmatic way and if we are asked a question by daughter or son to give the full answer and so far it has seemed to stop them from staying. "Mummy Why are you getting out of dress?" answer "because I have come home from Work" Daughter "Why?", Mummyrella "so you can have nice things to play with" Daughter walks away content "Yeeesss" hope it lasts. The came down to Daughter asking "Why is it raining" Mr mummyrella answered that one!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Birthday Parties, Sleep and Chocolate!!!!!

It was lovely to be invited to my neighbours little boys 1st Birthday party yesterday - a small gathering of five mums, 8 children under 3 1/2 and 2 rabbits. Great food and a nice glass of red wine. It's fascinating to watch children interacting with each other and just huge relief that mine behaved really well although now I pay the price - Sunday morning awake by 6am and by 9:50am I believe it calls for a 20min trip to the nearest supermarket to let them sleep. This is definitely a plus to living in the countryside! Although would much have preferred them to go to the Village Family Service, but I need to get through the next 8 hours. Somehow chocolate is making its way to the top of my requirements from the shopping list.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Yeah Night Out at Last! and Do Feet Start to Grow again after 35?

Mummyrella made it phew 00:17! but now it's the morning after the night before and I've survived so far at 6:41am have managed 6 hours of rest [just] and ready to start the day before that b***k**g chicken down the road! It was great to get out and let me hair down as far as not drinking cos got to drive back to the hamlet! but nevermind - great company [GAMMS], a good few laughs and a "Whole New World" whey to go "M&A" lurv is in the air. After over of year of being out the circuit - what has happened looking around instead of people engaging in conversations and lifting a pint or two - its heads down checking the cyber gateway, so had to check mine too even though none of my muckers would be awake!

06:05 Of course kids still on same clock but kindof co-ursed them back to bed with warm milk - busy day ahead - dog walking, playing, eating, jumping, bouncing, running, laughing and a one year Birthday Party all before 11:30 AM!!!!

just remembered a thought I had yesterday whilst out shopping - Do feet start to grow again after 35?? I have now been the same size for eerm nearly 20 years and now they seem bigger or have shoe sizes got smaller! will have to investigate further in more retail research..... have a good day all.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Lesley Anderson

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Wednesday 2nd September 2010

Sound of the alarm went at 6:10 which instantly meant movement in my sons room - "Morning Mummy" boomed through the baby monitor and then came the clonk click of the bedroom door, my son had awoken in a lot better mood than he had gone to bed in, which  was a result of too much fun and no sleeptime at Nursery the day before.  My daughter was not so happy in her mood as she awoke 15mins later "Mummy, Mummy" is all we get through the monitor as D and I drink our hot tea and warm bottle of Milk.  Once in the car ready for Nursery -yes I try to be an ecomummy but living in a village when trying to get everyone ready for the day ahead and having to traverse past tractors, dog walkers, baby moorhens, chickens and sheep our vehicle gets us there quicker.  and we still have time to look out the window and comment upon the mist or fog, the animals and clouds in the sky.  Poppy Dog sits in the front seat licking lips as we pass the chickens and bends gentley into the 90 degree bend.  Kids dropped off at Nursery, kissed and waved goodbye to [makes me feel a warm glow and proud and partly wanting to stay with them and have fun too] but back home to walk Poppy Dog before a full day in the home office with another nice warm cup of tea.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

making movies!

Decided to have a go at creating a movie from photos I had taken, took blinking ages! up until gone midnight last night editing it but after all said and done the effect looks pretty good to me, no way is it going to be a smooth view but has that quirkyness to it which I like - Husbands comment - far to quick - what u want to do that for.  I dont care - it looks good to me. Hope all those who view it think so too.