Sunday, 5 June 2011

When I was at work I seemed to have more time!!!

Since April I have found myself to be a statistic as well as having the new title of "Job Seeker" my time seems to be less structured however much more busier then ever How I ask myself?

What has happened to the days I was going to have playing with the kids all day, running in fields of grass, flowers and long walks with Poppydog???

and then I have just visited the National Statistics website and read the following:
"The number of people claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (the claimant count) increased by 12,400 between March and April 2011 to reach 1.47 million. The number of women claimants increased by 9,300 to reach 474,400, the highest figure since October 1996. "
I know this is a bit out of context but it is still a very high figure and for me it's not been an easy journey. 

Yes I have always wanted to be a mum; and my children I would not trade for the world. However I have worked for over 16 years and like everything in life - it's not until it's gone that you realise how much you either enjoyed, loved, loathed or despised it. 

For me work was a place I could meet liked minded people, enjoy the challenge, the pride, the fulfillment of helping others.  I would get a buzz when things were busy and demanding, and now I find myself staying up later, getting up later and plodding on no buzz, just the same feeling every day and asking myself what did I do today again?

Some of you may say - well get applying for jobs then, get off your bottom! and my answer to you would be I AM! I wouldn't have believed it if someone else had told me that I would be filling out applications one of two, three, four a day, either on-line or handwritten. I nearly had forgotten how to write! What to leave out, what to add, changing references, experiences, relevant information for different positions.

Another thing - Agencies seem to have well changed since the last time I used them in 1993! In 1993 I walked into a Temp Agency and the following week I had a job which led to 9 years with an organisation.  I have now been signed up with 3 Agencies since mid April and I have had one interview, for which I was "over qualified"  and it is not from trying - I pester them at least once, twice a week - yes I should be doing everyday!

I have also learnt from Agencies that my typing skills are in the top quartile of 66 words per minute with 99% accuracy - does this mean I am over qualified for Temping Jobs as well!!!  

I am hoping that going to Cybermummy 11 this Friday will give me some inspiration in taking this blog page further, looking into being my own boss maybe - and telling myself that I just need to take that leap of faith.

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