Sunday, 24 April 2011

It was the Onion Peel

So I got so fecking fed up looking at that piece of onion skin floating gently around the kitchen. Each time I looked down at it, it would be in a new position in the kitchen gently edging it's way to an easily escape route, and then it dawned on me and kicked my ass into gear and shouted "WAKE UP GIRL", you really really need to clean your kitchen floor and the rest of your house and by the way Get Yourself back into the ZONE - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!!!. 

It’s been three weeks now since I said farewell to my Regional Economic Agency and out of those three weeks over one week was spent celebrating little peoples Birthdays which was fun.  Well turning 4 and 3 respectively was or should I say more like “14 and 13” as it sometimes feels like the teenage years have already arrived. 

Then there was another week sorting out and visiting the JobCentre Plus – a whole new blog post could be made on that one! 

And A very wonderful day of finalising our Adoption with a ceremony at the local Court House followed by the rest of the day at the Seaside with the family and also recovering from being incapacitated with the stomach bug which is apparently doing the rounds but in a weird kind of good way only got to me.  

But this bug has just left me feeling so low which for me actually meant nearly four days spent in bed, sleeping to get over it, but I don’t think it was just the bug it was the finality of everything that had been building up for the past three and half years, you can read here more on our journey to becoming a family.

Kind people and family keep telling me how what a wonderful thing that we have done in adopting two children whom not only are siblings but that were both under two and half when they came to us and who had never lived together or met each other properly to seal a bond.  But to me it’s just where my destiny was to take me, as I continue on my path I am sure friends, acquaintances, opportunities, challenges are all put in front of me for a reason and whilst it’s up to me to make the choice, my choices are already chosen for me.

So now a new journey is starting out and challenges begin, watching on BBC the other week on iplayer A Home for Maisie – the story of a little girl who between the ages of 4 and 8 had had 10 different homes, two of which were to be her new adoptive families which failed, whilst this maybe an extreme it still brought real thoughts of concern to me on how my children will develop emotionally as only moving from 3 and 2 homes respectively they have still been effected by trauma.

And Last Night what also started to kick my ass into gear not only the onion peel but a very eventful Saturday Night that wasn't as what was expected! but it got me out of the house for a few hours - three to be precise the quickest drink with a straw you ever did see and a drive home via A&E - all home safe and well by 11pm! and a fairly good night sleep too, although woke up to Easter Sunday with son in bed and Husband in spare room not sure when that occurred but I seemed to have regained my strength and va va va voooooom so off we go - have a good week all there is light at the end of tunnel.

I dedicate this post to my Great Uncle Ron - the last of 7 brothers he has now peacefully joined them and his sister my Nan to be one happy family once again with his Mum & Dad R.I.P. Uncle Ron - i'll never forget your laugh and your smile which makes me smile too. Mummyrella xx 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

I will update but not tonight ....

Just to say I am still here but have been a bit busy - seeing all my subscribed to posts being updated DAILY and think OMG i must get down to mine as I have sooo much I want to say, kiddiewinks growing fast one birthday gone another to follow next week - coping with both being 3 for 10 days!!!!! eeeekkkk! village party getting going, adoption being finalised - we have the BIRTH CERTS now! and oh my give me a couple of days and I'll come back and update you properly - you never know I may have news on the job front tooo! happy reading and dont forget if you want a bit of light reading  pop over to my dog's blog page yes poppydog now writes too at my fingers are tired so hopping off now. God Bless to you all Mummyrella xx