Saturday, 4 September 2010

Yeah Night Out at Last! and Do Feet Start to Grow again after 35?

Mummyrella made it phew 00:17! but now it's the morning after the night before and I've survived so far at 6:41am have managed 6 hours of rest [just] and ready to start the day before that b***k**g chicken down the road! It was great to get out and let me hair down as far as not drinking cos got to drive back to the hamlet! but nevermind - great company [GAMMS], a good few laughs and a "Whole New World" whey to go "M&A" lurv is in the air. After over of year of being out the circuit - what has happened looking around instead of people engaging in conversations and lifting a pint or two - its heads down checking the cyber gateway, so had to check mine too even though none of my muckers would be awake!

06:05 Of course kids still on same clock but kindof co-ursed them back to bed with warm milk - busy day ahead - dog walking, playing, eating, jumping, bouncing, running, laughing and a one year Birthday Party all before 11:30 AM!!!!

just remembered a thought I had yesterday whilst out shopping - Do feet start to grow again after 35?? I have now been the same size for eerm nearly 20 years and now they seem bigger or have shoe sizes got smaller! will have to investigate further in more retail research..... have a good day all.

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