Monday, 27 September 2010

dog gone tired!

It's monday and i've now been trying to write a blog post for about an hour, lack of sleep, curiosity and oh yes the blinking internet keeps crashing - one out of 3 of these things is because I live in a VILLAGE!!! and it's not the one being tired or curious!!! WHY WHY WHY does technology take soooooooooo long to get to us in the VILLAGE,  I love living in the village really I do but lets hope this government is going to help bring broadband to everyone soon!

Anyway I am very tired because beautiful son managed to sleep for 2 hours in the car yesterday and we got no sleep last night! He has now been asleep since I got home from work so have not spoken to him other than to soothe him back to sleep when I transferred him from sofa to bed! He is like a beautiful angel, sleeping in a world of no worries.  This then gave me time to have one to one with daughter and we had a lovely bathtime and then a lovely big cuddle in bed where I nearly fell asleep for the rest of the night. Think Husband is starting to feel like a blog widower! so better sign off and tidy up before I fall alseep sitting here.

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