Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, mmmm Roasts!

25th September 2010
I’m cheating I have started writing this on the 25th September! [yesterday]! 12 weeks and counting to the big Day – Christmas Day the best food day of the year!!!
Food – one of my favourite subjects and my father’s!, however, I may find that I am going off it. This evening [Saturday] for an example my son [bless him] has in his most charming voice told me quite categorically that “I don’t like mushrooms, I don’t like peas, I don’t like onion”, “I like rice” ooh thats good I say ‘cos rice is what comes with Beef stroganoff!  Then darling daughter tells me that “I don’t like chicken” I say “it’s not chicken”, daughter says “don’t like pork” I say “it’s not pork” she says “what is it then” I say “beef”, “oh she says “ I don’t like it” I say “ fine and then eat the wonderful bits of fillet steak beef I bought myself, Yes fillet steak! Granted only a small piece but enough none the less cut up very thinly and added to mushrooms, mixed veg, rice with soured cream.  Mummyrella dnd Daddy really enjoyed it!
I have to say though both have been very good with what has been put infront of them, I found that putting the yoghurts into bowls and varying works well, so that they don’t get stuck with one brand, I as mentioned earlier in the week, Monday, Tuesdays is easy night as husband is home first and starts the cooking – fishfingers, chips and something with tomato sauce on it, and the kids tuck into this really well, also just recently Daddy has started experimenting with sausages, onions, red peppers and gravy, with mash, mmmmm smells delish as I walk through the door and tastes really nice too!  So glad the maris piper potatoes are back my kids just would not eat new potatoes – don’t why it was, could get them past the lips, the lady at the butchers said the same thing, anyone else have that problem? Anyway mash is good mixes a wealth of other things together that they cannot see hahaha my likes this J .  I cannot give the kids enough fruit – they love it love it and some days I has to say – you’ve had enough or you’ll look like a piece of fruit, bananas, apples, grapes, oranges, lemons!!!, pears, strawberries, the list is endless, although the very first time I gave them kiwi, I had forgotten that they had had this and I thought they had both got some terrible disease, when changing their nappies! And then it clicked!
Sundays are usually my best food day of the week, as I lurv Roast Dinners, as do the family, although chicken is my favourite and husband will grin and bear it – prefers beef , or pork or lamb, even during the heat of the summer I have managed to have a few roasts! Mad you probably say, and yes this did cross my mind as the sweat was brushed from my brow and the 180 degree heat blew from the oven onto my already 90 degree hot face but the roast chicken was worth it, the kids love it too and especially everyone can’t get enough of the homemade Yorkshire puddings, so glad its Sunday today!!!
It’s now Sunday! and I have been up for 2 ½ hours and it’s not 8:30am ...... now it’s 8:10pm where has the day gone let alone the week! I get distracted easily now and find myself doing other things and forget what I was trying to do.  Anyway the reason it’s 12 hours later is that I have been to Mums for the day which now takes a good 2 hours  down the A1 what with all the paraphernalia that has to be put into the car, kids strapped in, dog strapped and then me strapped in, we’re away! And another good nosh up roast beef and homemade apple pie with the lovely added bonus of my great Aunty Margaret arriving on the doorstep to join us just as we are serving up.
My final thought before signing off – my last week of being 38! This time next week I will be 39 and 11 hours old! Have a good week everyone xx

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