Monday, 6 September 2010

The WHYS have arrived to stay for how long??????

Disturbed night sleep my beautiful son decided at midnight to tell me that "I luv ya mummy" and "I want to give you a cuddle" so in he hopped for an hour as by that time mummyrella and Mr mummyrella had lost the battle with the bedding and mummyrella needed the sleep, not only for the beauty reasons - [for which she really does need lots] but also because I had to get to the office and had an hours drive to get to it. Granted I do get to chill before the office in the car, listening to the radio and drive across beautiful fenland scenary.
These days as I reach nearer and nearer to the BIG "4" "0" I seem to find that I am enjoying radio 4 more and more - I hope that this is a good thing although I also find myself disagreeing out loud with alot of the interviewees and in a Dr Evil kind of smirk how those politicians wriggle when asked the same question over and over because they avoid answering and look silly for not doing so.
Anyway I would claim that I had a steady day at work but then came home to a house of Visiting WHYS - the WHYs have arrived - help! we have decided to tackle it a pragmatic way and if we are asked a question by daughter or son to give the full answer and so far it has seemed to stop them from staying. "Mummy Why are you getting out of dress?" answer "because I have come home from Work" Daughter "Why?", Mummyrella "so you can have nice things to play with" Daughter walks away content "Yeeesss" hope it lasts. The came down to Daughter asking "Why is it raining" Mr mummyrella answered that one!

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