Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Easter Eggs - Yes and OMG! I'm a Mummy going back to studying - advice please!

Not only is this the week to start my first ever blog, which I have had a few interesting comments and followers and great thanks go to you all. but mummyrella has now decided to take an even bigger plunge and go back to studying as well - Do I have time for this I ask myself, it's only 4 months, I say quickly eating one of my sons easter eggs [I know its september!] .  eek! I have just enrolled myself on to an Open University Course -  an introduction to counselling. Was it seeing and smelling that brand new lovely stationary everywhere for all those fresh students or seeing the excitment in my friends faces who are just on the tip of the rest of their lives by going to university.

I have the opportunity to change my career thanks to C&C and trying to have deep and meaningful thoughts whilst changing nappies, wiping snotty noses and bouncing on the trampoline, it got me thinking about who I am and it took me back to remembering that whenever I have carried out those personality tests at work I come up trumps as the teams "people person" so I have decided to use this to my advantage.  any thoughts, comments, advice that you have would be greatfully received.

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