Thursday, 23 September 2010

HELP! Facebook is down - I feel Naked!

OMGoodness! this is terrible, Facebook is down and I feel so alone! I actually had to pick up the phone and check with my mum to see what she was doing, and to ask if she had access, soooo relieved that the whole network seems to have gone down and not just my laptop phew! 

But the big question is How is everyone coping????  is it national, worldwide how far, have the astronauts on the ISS lost contact too? What are people doing? I suppose many are twittering, I unfortunately don't use this as I havent incorporated it into my mobile phone package and feel that it's not got quite the effect using on the laptop and not as mobile as a mobile phone.


  1. I know I tried and it wouldn't load up - thought it was just my computer being rubbish! So I watched an awful film instead, and went back and now it's working.

    Thank God for that! Don't know what I'd do without it!! x

  2. hehehe I'm so relieved, but the shock has now meant that I have to go to bed now!!!! hope you are well Hanzor!

  3. Dear Mummyrella,I only joined Facebook to play Scrabble! Its been down for 2 days now :( What's a girl supposed to do??? I know... tune in to 'Thoughts from a village'and enjoy country life for a change,way to go!