Wednesday, 15 September 2010

A quick post whilst eating ones toast!

Its Wednesday, middle of the week feeling, Son has now spent two nights in our bed, very unsettled and wanting to talk at around 5am in the morning, the thing is he makes quite clear and concise sentances at this time and it's just I NEED my sleep to to sleep! bless him especially when he tells me that "I luv ya mum".  Daughter slept soundly and woke up happy and left to her own devices [watching telly and drinking milk] she was fine, luckily only got a short knickknackpaddywhack of "I'm not doing that NO!!" twice this morning - once for her to empty her bladder, which was completely full and the other not putting her socks on. 

Anyway its now 8:00 and I have dropped kids off at nursery, dog off at dog nursery! and back in time to get a couple of slices of toast and a quick hoover round - have to admit I can't remember when I hoovered last - think it was last week, if my mum is reading this I hoovered yesterday!

********I had a thought [sadly not about the village - which I have yet to post about] **********

Has anyone ever had a dream about you and told you? I often dream and sometimes it is everynight on the odd occassion I have told the person that I had this wierd dream about them they look at me and kinda go "oh" and then you feel obliged, but not to tell them the whole truth in case it was too ghastly or really gorey or too much information please! and then you would probably never see them again.  But I would also be interested to know if you dreamt of someone at the sametime as them dreaming of you - think that would be really really wierd but in a cool kind of way!  a bit like if you wanted to know if it was quicker to take that shortcut to work or wherever and if only you hadnt taken that turning and it lead to this really long traffic jam, would you have got to your destination before going the other way.

this is getting too complicated and I have hoovering to do before a full days work in the office, so signing off for now. catch u l8r!

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