Monday, 13 September 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary Mr & Mrs A xxxx

I dedicate this post to my Brother and Sister in law - Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary and for giving my 2 beautiful nephews and one gorgeous niece - I will love you forever xxxx

It's Monday again - doesnt time fly, another week gone and we're growing fast.  I got home from work today and my daughter looked so cute in her denim dress which is slightly too short for her now - another excuse to go shopping i think.  We are slowly getting the hang of the coming home from work situation.  It gets a bit manic - 2 adults, 2 toddlers, 1 dog all happy to see everyone, the dog seems to get the most cuddles and hugs, whilst the 2 cats skidattle as soon as the key hits the lock, sliding across the wooden floor in the hallway.

We had a lovely weekend, visited the local butterfly farm for a friends 5th Birthday and had a fab time, to feel the warm September sun  on your face and see the kids happily playing was great, the corn snake and my son almost killing the local ant population not so good, but we took him quickly away from the rope bridge that the ants were precariously crossing whilst carrying their heavy loads of bits of green leaves back to their colony. But he made my heart melt when he told me that "he needed his bed coz he was tired mummy" bless him I will treasure it as at 21/2 years not sure how long he will still be saying that he wants to go to bed!

Work is another kettle of fish and have never known a situation like this - we are in limbo as to knowing when we are to be gone - redundant, abolished, work in some places is very slow and in others is just as busy, I just hope that everyone will be able to cope.  Its a good time to keep friends and help one another and to be supportive.

My final thought for tonight goes to my little girl who is having her booster at the end of the week which I am trying to be relaxed about - huh I smirk as I faint at the opticians! wish me luck

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