Thursday, 30 September 2010

Autumn is here

Well have managed to take Poppy Dog for a lovely walk this morning, in between dropping kids off at nursery and cramming 2 slices of toast and 1/2 cup of tea down.  Well when I stepped out - what a gorgeous morning it is! the sun is out, the sky is blue with no clouds, the birds are singing and the air is chilled, I just seem to love every season here in our village. 

The dew was very heavy this morning and I'm not too sure how I looked trekking over the field in my big wellies, warm green jacket a lovely woolly hat to go with it and my office skirt! having to dash in a mo for a meeting with the Environment Agency, but I was warm and cosy and Poppy Dog was happy sniffing the air and having a lovely streeetch.  She was a little bit naughty as she crossed the dyke and started to play in the farmers field, and managed to entice her back with a lovely doggy biscuit, works every time ;).

Now just finishing my other 1/2 of cup of tea before climbing in my car and picking up the toys and clothes strewn around the house from our early morning dash.

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