Thursday, 16 September 2010

Gone past middle of the week syndrome - now on to GET ME TO THE WEEKEND QUICK! kids had a lie, which is nice but then all hands to the station to get out the door for 7:30, so 7:37 wasn't bad, had a struggle with son and ended up splashed in milk and more toothpaste in my yes MY hair than in his mouth! I recall saying another sentence from the past - "yes you have to clean your clean son, there's no getting out of it, it's just one of those things we have to do" anyway all in the Vehicle as I say by 7:37 dog as well and with both children with two hair clips in their hair each! - We all made it in one piece - hurrah!

then came home sat quietly eating my toast with a hot! cup of tea sat down to write this post and looked out the kitchen window and saw a wonderful blue sky with cotton wool clouds, ah tranquility - now to go for a lovely walk in my village with the dog ready to start a day of real work!!!!

(c) mummyrella 2010

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