Sunday, 6 February 2011

My name is on the WALL!

I will start this post by also asking if you want to hop over to my other post at 7yummymummies where I have just updated an eventful week with my darling children don't forget to come back.

This week in the Village it’s been fairly busy – I joined our Village Oil Consortium, dropped my photos off for the exhibition, visited the exhibition as well as entertaining a long lost friend of Husbands.

Two weeks ago Husband got an email from one of those websites which reunite you and a long lost school friend made contact with him, there was a flurry of emails back and forth and as the friend was working fairly near by a meal and room was offered with the opportunity to ‘catch up’.  All seemed to go well as I managed to get the kids to bed and Dinner was served a homemade lasagne, green salad, a good bottle of wine and a nice warm pudding.  All was going well and conversation was around what where they had both been up to – [I did feel like I should have gone out for the evening or would that have been bad manners – no I was glad to stay] But the elephant in the room was finally asked – so what brings you to look us up?  The answer came back, “well, there’s not many names I remember from my past and when I do I think those must be the important ones”  so at 11pm I left them to carry on their catch up and think lights went out around 1am.

At the end of the week I asked husband if he had heard from friend and said no – we now have more questions – are we bad hosts? Do we not warrant a thank you? Should we expect a thank you? Will we see him again? – the answer to these questions do not really matter, what matters is that we were able to offer a room, food, and conversation.  If he did not like what he found then maybe we will not see him for another 25 years well we will continue to be a happy family who will help any friend who is in need.

I was quite pleased with myself with joining the Village Oil Consortium as I just happened to ring the organiser on the day of an order being placed how timely was that? The price was good too all though I seethe every time I either fill the Oil tank or the put diesel in the car.

I eventually found the address of where to drop my photos off for their first exhibition after about 15mins of driving up and down a dodgy road at the side of a canal.

My parents arrived Friday for a day at THE EXHIBITION!!!!! For the first time We all managed to pile into Husbands 4x4 which was surprisingly comfortable for the 6 of us even though part of our route was over some very bumpy country roads.

When we arrived at the Exhibition we were all very surprised by the fantastic venue, I was somehow thinking it was just a church hall, but what confronted me was a majestic building with a mixture of different architectural styles from Medieval to Victorian via the Georgian era.  Ayscoughfee Hall, in Spalding was a fantastic place to let the kids explore inside and out and it was FREE admission.  When I entered The Geest Gallery where my pictures were being shown, I felt like a school girl excited and in awe seeing my name on the wall next to my pictures. – I think I have got the bug!

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