Sunday, 9 January 2011

KIDS Show and Tell the MeFinder Verdict.


What a wonderful idea, something to attach to my kiddiewinks so that if they stray away they can ask a safe person to ring Mummy, Daddy or Nanna.

The Mefinder is a digital wristband for children and when your child [should read] if your child gets lost, they show the band to a safe adult and tell them to “phone mummy”

It is described as a

Super-lightweight; curved edges; adjustable shorter strap made from very soft, comfortable plastic – this is definitely true  both my children who are 2 ½ and 3 ½ thought the designs where great – we had a lovely pink flower for my daughter and a very cheeky monkey for my very cheeky monkey – he loved it too.

Funky animations, your number is set as default this took me quite a while to achieve as I seem to have large fingers for the very small buttons and it got a little frustrating when I had to go through the whole procedure a number of times, but the numbers got punched in and the animations appeared, which was quite exciting for a small child to see.

“Child-proof” safety-catch on wristband - whilst this was stated on the literature my husband and I thoroughly examined both wristbands and could not find these safety catches.  Re-reading the Full Instructions and watching the youtube video as well we were still none the wiser with the location of the safety-catch.

Water-resistant – ideal for the beach or pool - yes we had ours in the bath and they still worked afterwards.

Stores up to 5 phone numbers and you are able to select the appropriate number when you go out -  this is an excellent idea and if in doubt the safe Adult would be able to make use of all numbers if required.

The next task was to explain to the children who is a safe adult.  I think this would need to done as a matter of course and something mine are still learning. 

So to test it in the field – off to soft play, all was all going well until my very cheeky monkey at 2 ½ came back to show me “look at all the numbers I have on my arm I have now mummy” and I realised he had managed to press the appropriate buttons in the correct sequence and was in editing mode and the names and numbers were all jumbled and the animations had ceased to appear.  So I tackled the inputting again – I was getting good at this and away he went again, happily playing.

MY Verdict – Fortunately it was not used in its full capacity – ie children did not wander off!  I will continue to explain who is a safe adult, and will explain we don’t like wandering fingers over the buttons too much, but once in a while is ok to see the little animations.  So we will have another go this week.

A good concept, great colours and designs, maybe a bit pricey at £14.99 but it does come with free postage and packaging – will VAT increase affect this product.

A Big Smiley 7.5/10

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