Sunday, 16 January 2011

Books, Walks, Fundraising and Confusion

So it’s been a busy week in the village, attended as special guest to the PCC, managed a 3 walk day for Poppydog on Thursday, lots of reading, and more enterprising thoughts coming my way.

Its mainly been books, books, books.  I do like a good read particularly just before I go to sleep and this Christmas I got asked the usual question “what would you like”.  The response I gave one friend was that I would like a good Novel to read as the past 9-12 months I have not been able to find a good book to get my teeth into at all. 

So when it came to opening my presents, I had been a good girl.  The friend in question had asked Father Christmas to leave me not one but a collection of eight Novels on Romance and Saga.  Now whilst I am usually into Historical, Espionage or Children’s authors like JK Rowling or Phillip Pullman.  I have been able to enjoy the ability to read a book within 2 weeks! You see I usually take at least 2-3 months especially when I have been so tired that I have fallen asleep after the first paragraph.  But this collection has been great to switch off my mind and get into. 

So it followed by a visit yesterday to my local ‘The Works’ shop and found a couple of bargains in the non-fiction section.  I came away with a book on The Secrets of Reiki by Anne Charlish & Angela Robershaw – something I would like to maybe venture into in the next few months, a book on Writing your Life Story by Michael Oke, to help me put my life into order. And finally a book called :59 seconds by Professor Richard Wiseman, not sure about this one but as my time is limited nowadays sometimes 59 seconds is all I have! I will try and keep you posted how I get on with them.

So me a special guest at the Parish Church Council [PCC] basically we need to raise over £100k to replace the roof of our Chancel and I happened to be in the Church with Poppydog checking on my Christmas flowers when I had found myself volunteering my services to a new fundraising group called “The Friends of Walpole St Peters” so watch this space! If you do have any ideas or thoughts into how to raise funds please use the comment section after this posting.  All ideas welcome.  I’m not too sure I like the term “Big Society” as I believe we all already do it is some small way.

Poppydog Walks, poor Poppydog – since I have become a mummy quality time with Poppydog has been less frequent particularly since also going back to work, but when I do get the opportunity to work from home – I do make use of my lunch break by taking her for walks around the Village,  Poppydog and I more often than not bump into fellow doggie walkers, Village habitants as well as the odd visitor or two or three. But just recently a few new dogs have arrived in the Village and whether Poppydog is feeling insecure she is having a few bad experiences.  I have to say though whilst she does on occasion run away from said bigger dogs – she does run home to the front door step.  So I have signed up to attend an event with a follower of Cesar Millan, the dog behaviourist, maybe I can get a few tips to her nervousness.

Finally Life After Redundancy ... Some may think me positive the approach I am trying to take into my imminent redundancy, but I am getting confused  as I seem to have a new idea every week – maybe it’s the Libra in me – I can’t seem to make my mind up what to do next, so many BIG ideas flowing through this tiny tiny brain that I don’t know where to begin.  Hopefully my session with a Response to Redundancy adviser will be able to help me see the light by the end of this week.

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