Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Out of the Village - should I be?

Well here I am out of the Village, I am on a very bumpy train to Newcastle for work [well I'm not now - as I am not in 1st Class so I do not get complementary access to the internet - so I am now typing this whilst in my non descriptive room - or should I say where I am staying and give it a good review? maybe once I have left the building so to speak].
Anyway, as I was saying - I'm out! I haven't really been out of the village for a while away on my own and so may say as I new Mummy I shouldn't be - but bills need to be paid, Osbourne as had his say [is that pith stuck in my tooth] and I need to be out to work in order to have a comfortable life.  I will be ringing my darling kiddiewinks in a short while who probably won't notice I have gone as they have the child minder, Daddy, Nanna & Grandpa to look after them, how will I cope ummm probably a sleepless night not have the baby monitor in the room - but I will let you know!!!!!
So I started to write this blog in long hand on the train in my "blogging notepad", I had lost a pen, which I'm sure was in my hand and then the train was going round a bend and being quite bumpy and I then realised that I had to check my work Raspberry thing and the pen had vanished, I kept checking every so often to see if it appeared and bless it it did later on.
Ahhh York I [heart] York! the station is lovely bustling feeling watching everyone saying hello, goodbye and damm I've missed that train.  I have just finished reading my work for my meeting tomorrow and so now can look out the window, I can see rain clouds blowing over hills/mountains  [our Village is below sea level!]a lovely feeling with Adagio In G Minor by Albioni playing on my ipod, and thinking about the last time I was on the train - it was a more stressful journery with me + 2 toddlers + Nanna and 4.5 hours travelling not being able to sit still for more than half an hour.

Don't want to make this too long an entry as may do more later tonight!!! but have now arrived at Hotel and have changed rooms - which was carried out very nicely by the receptionist - I was facing another grey building overlooking a dreary courtyard, now I can see the SAGE building and just about the millenium bridge see pics for views outside my window  and the room is quite refreshingly cool! 

Out to tea catch u later !

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