Thursday, 28 October 2010

Mountains, Rainbows and Owls

I have decided to try and put a bit more thought behind my postings this time and so have spent a couple of days posing over my words, whether you as a reader agree that it was of benefit or not is up to you.
Last week I again found myself away from my village not on my own this time but along with my children we headed across the country all 233 miles of it to South Wales where I stayed with my best friend for a couple of days.  I was trying to remember the last time I went to Wales and I believe it must have been when I was a child on holiday with my parents and my brother visiting an Uncle and Aunt near Aberystwyth.  What wonderful memories that brought back – how there were no worries, playing on the hills in the woods, laughing and singing our way in the car with our tape recorder playing “Brown Girl in the Ring tra la la la la” well the only worries for me was sharing the outside toilet with the largest daddy longlegs I could think of.  I’m sure we must have been naughty at some point, but have never had cause to remember those times.
Whilst in Wales my friend took me up some mountains and once me and the car had got over the fact that we were no longer below sea level and were driving up and down 16% inclines [this is a lot when you live on the Fens] the scenery was breathe taking.  And in the past I thought not being able to see a whole sky landscape would be terrible in fact I had lots to see – like the beautiful rainbow that appeared above us whilst we were walking in the valley and the colours of the trees – so many of them! Again something that can be quite rare here. Which leads me to the pinnacle – the top of the mountain and the view to be seen – miles and miles around with the clouds just a little tiny touch out of reach.
Back in my Village and my husband and I decided to do a bit of star gazing with my camera and tripod – WOW, AMAZING  is all I can say the camera with a long exposure was able to pick up soooooooo many stars, this is one of the wonderments of living in a Village the sky is so black with no or very limited amounts of reflections from street lighting, we even managed to pick up a plane as it trailed across the sky, unfortunately we had the camera pointing in the wrong part of the sky to capture the shooting star that we saw.

the stars above my Village (c) mummyrella 2010

Finally for today’s post whilst taking the kids to Nursery early this morning just as the dawn was breaking we drove around the corner of a dyke, and the most magnificent Barn Owl appeared and slowly made its way across a field looking for its breakfast, we stopped for a short while so the kids could watch him hovering, swooping and hunting.  He was so quiet that as the Owl fluttered the horses in the field didn’t even flinch – I think I’m going to have to keep my camera in the car!  He posed for me on the fence as I returned home but just no long enough to use my phone camera.  Lets hope he got some breakfast so until next time hope you enjoyed the read.


  1. beautiful. Love the stars photo and the owl sounds amazing, I live in a city and we have a local owl. My OH has seen it flying down the road and sitting on television ariels. I always seem to miss it. Popped in from Blog hop.

  2. thanks Gemma for your comment, i am glad to hear that you get to enjoy the lovely wildlife too! thanks for popping over!