Thursday, 7 October 2010

Feels like Friday

yuk, keep pinching myself I keep thinking it's Friday. The kids have had a busy week without their mummy for a day and a half and they came home from Nursery today tired, inconsolable, and just uncooperative, it didn't help having the social worker over looking me as I tried to put son into his car seat - would he get in the darn thing - NO - so calm, tired Mummy had to find a way of coercing him into his seat – the toy dog who wanted to get in instead worked like a treat, and son was sitting in his car seat before you could finish saying supercalafragerlisticexpalidosious!

So we got home and one in the garden [a beautiful October afternoon] the kids were happy to show the social worker how they could scoot and jump on the trampoline [not at the same time I hasten to add] and everyone was happy until time to cook tea!

Made a lovely chicken korma, which kids picked at, however not sure if husband is OK as he has gone to bed before 9pm feeling queasy. – I’m feeling fine but tired so maybe heading off to the land of nod pretty soon too.

Just enough time to say we watched a great film last night The Time Travellers Wife a nice little film to make you appreciate what you have.

Also have ordered the Jamie Lee Lewis book called - Tell my again about the night I was born, all about the first night that a mummy meets her newly adopted child,  looking forward to receiving it in the post, hope it comes very soon! - So have linked to the publishers website for more information.

Well it is definitely Friday tomorrow, no nursery, no work and husband has day off too! Lets see what the day will bring hopefully a lie in.

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