Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The Gallery - Week 36 - Black and White

So Sticky Fingers and her "Gallery" challenge this week is Black and White and I have to agree that Black and White does give some of the better results when taking photographs, and how I love seeing my grandparents black and white photos but I do find myself wondering what colours their clothes were and also their surroundings or did they have the same colour hair as me? it would have been fantastic to see them in colour too.

My picture this week I'm not sure people will like but I had asked my son to come in for some juice and he didn't want to and he turned and looked up to me and pouted with tears in his eyes and said " I want a biscuit" and just at that moment I pushed the button and as you can see for yourself ....
(c) mummyrella 2010   
....I love him so much xx


  1. Aaaaw poor little guy! I'm sure he got biscuits, and anythings else he wanted, with that sad little face!

    Lovely shot despite the sadness!

  2. Aww. I think it's a beautiful photograph capturing the emotion in a moment of time.