Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How Long Is It Comfortable To Have A Temporary Worker Temporarily Working For You?

A Temp or Temporary worker is just that looking for work temporarily, but when you have been in the same assignment for  nearly 12 months should you continue or is it time to move on?
Since being made redundant 3 years ago and having lost count of the number of job applications, I took heed of my mother’s advice, and used my secretarial skills that I obtained in 6th Form and went back to temping work.

My first ever experience of temping work back in the 80’s after completing my secretarial course, and before commencing my Further Education saw me in a number of different companies most weeks. Now after a gap of nearly 20 years I find myself back in the position as a Temporary worker, and I find that the market is totally different. For the past 3 years I have had two assignments, the first lasted 6 months and my soon to be completed one has lasted nearly 16 months. For the other 9 months I was looking after a position whilst someone was on Maternity Leave and for the mathematicians out there the other gaps I was looking for permanent work and harassing agencies for temporary work.
What are your views to the purpose of the Temporary Worker?

Why do employers employ temporary workers we are told that unemployment is going down but are temporary contracts really the way forward to saving our economy?
Employing temporary staff does help employers stave off the increase in “head-count” and for others it is because a person of suitable skills cannot be found for a permanent position.

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